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Renamel® OPALITE™ and Renamel® OPAL™

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As a trusted dental supply company, our products have been developed by expert clinicians and perfected over the years to give your patients beautiful, long-lasting smiles. We can be your go-to dental equipment parts supplier and more.


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The field is always changing. Products are evolving. Our expert-led cosmetic dental education courses help you perfect your technique so you can provide superior care for your patients.

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The Cosmedent Method: A Better System for More Satisfied Patients

Beautiful, long-lasting, premier cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be complex. At Cosmedent, we’ve pioneered a simpler cosmetic dentistry system with amazing results. An easy approach to creating natural restorations that last long-term.

Gold standard materials. Simple techniques. The education you need.

Thank you Cosmedent family. Including all those people who work in the lab, the chemists, the admin people, the back office people, the video production team, etc. Your passion is very much evident in your products and services. You should all be very proud. Well done.

Dr. Manju Palam

About Cosmedent

Pioneers in Cosmetic Dentistry

When we founded Cosmedent, it was with a vision: To be a dental equipment company offering superior products and quality training to create happier patients. Our system is unique because it is simple, predictable and esthetic. Because you deserve it. Because advancing cosmetic dentistry is our passion.

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Four Pillars Of Your Success

Quality Products

As your dental equipment supplier, we stand behind our products so you can stand in front of your patients

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to help you get the most out of all our products.

Realistic Esthetics

High-quality results leave patients walking away feeling and looking as good as new

Lasting Results

Long-lasting results boost your reputation and increase client confidence and loyalty

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Restorative Dental Videos and Resources

Take your practice to the next level by honing your techniques and perfecting new technologies. View All

Peg Laterals – Lateral Incisor Bonding Guide
Technique Video

Peg Laterals – Lateral Incisor Bonding Guide

Rhodri Thomas demonstrates peg laterals in this video. Using a matrix band to create a good contact point, Dr. Thomas builds his dentin layer with Renamel Microhybrid. Next, he shows how to create a halo with tints on one tooth, and a halo with opaquers on another. He finishes with Renamel Microfill and polishing.
Renamel Bulkfill Tutorial
Technique Video

Renamel Bulkfill Tutorial

This video demonstrates the placement technique for the NEW Renamel Bulkfill.  New Renamel BULKfill is the "Amalgam of Composite!" Designed for rapid, one-step placement, this innovative posterior composite is fast, packable, sculptable, and polishable. Because of its excellent handling properties,
Achieve a beautiful final polish that lasts long-term
Technique Video

Achieve a beautiful final polish that lasts long-term

This helpful Tip of the Month takes you through the importance of having a discing system in your office. You will learn step-by-step what each disc accomplishes while seeing firsthand how to use each disc for maximum success.

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Whether you’re shopping for products or continuing your education, we’ve got what you need to advance your practice.

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