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FlexiBrush Dental Polishing Brush

SKU: 63f4a8bf648e


FlexiBrush Dental Polishing Brush

SKU: 63f4a8bf648e


Polishers that work fast to help you create a glossy shine.


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Product Overview

FlexiBrush Dental Polishing Brush

New FlexiBrush dental polishing brush works fast to create a glossy surface without eroding any fine anatomy from your dental resin. These durable, easy-to-use brushes are packed with dental polishing abrasive so that every fiber is working to create a high shine.


  • Fast & Efficient Polish – Each bristle contains thousands of polishing particles working to help you create a high shine.
  • Great Value – Composite brushes for dental applications are durable and autoclavable.
  • High Flex – Polishes difficult to reach occlusal and interproximal areas.
  • Versatile– Polishes dental resin, porcelain, metal and temporaries.
  • Silicon Impregnated
  • Convenient Shapes – FlexiBrush Cup is great for occlusal and facial surfaces. FlexiBrush Flame is perfect for occlusal fissures and proximal areas.

Indications for Use

  • Use FlexiBrush to bush and polish the dental composite, porcelain, metal and temporaries.
  • FlexiBrush Cup composite polishing brush is great for polishing occlusal and facial surfaces.
  • FlexiCup Flame is indicated for polishing occlusal fissures and proximal areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About FlexiBrush Dental Polishing Brush

Here, we will address common queries to ensure you’re conversant with the FlexiBrush.

What is the composition of the Dental Polishing Abrasive in FlexiBrush?

FlexiBrush contains a silicon carbide polishing abrasive designed for efficient and effective polishing. The brush composition contributes to its ability to create a glossy shine on dental fillings.

Is FlexiBrush suitable for all types of dental restorations?

Absolutely! It is a versatile dental brush designed for various applications. It works perfectly on dental composites, porcelain, metal, and temporaries.

How does FlexiBrush ensure patient comfort during polishing?

The silicon-saturated bristles of our brush provide a gentle yet effective polishing action. This ensures a comfortable experience for patients while maintaining optimal polishing results.

Can FlexiBrush be autoclaved for sterilization?

Yes, FlexiBrush is autoclavable. This feature ensures that the brushes remain hygienic and ready for use, therefore meeting the highest standards of infection control.

Does FlexiBrush require any special techniques for effective polishing?

While FlexiBrush is user-friendly, adopting proper polishing techniques is essential. 

What differentiates FlexiBrush from traditional dental polishing brushes?

It introduces a new era of dental polishing by combining ergonomic design, intuitive flexibility, and innovative material composition. Its versatility and time efficiency redefine the dental polishing experience.

Are there specific recommendations for using FlexiBrush Cup and FlexiBrush Flame?

FlexiBrush Cup is ideal for polishing occlusal and facial surfaces. On the other hand, FlexiBrush Flame excels in polishing occlusal fissures and proximal areas. The convenient shapes cater to various dental polishing needs.

Can FlexiBrush be used with specific dental materials?

It’s compatible with several dental materials. Specifically composites, lithium disilicate, and temporaries. The tool’s broad compatibility enhances its applicability in diverse dental procedures.

How does FlexiBrush contribute to a glossy shine on dental restorations?

Each bristle of FlexiBrush contains thousands of silicon carbide polishing particles that work efficiently to create a high shine. The innovative design ensures a glossy surface without eroding any fine dental anatomy.

Is there a specific maintenance routine for FlexiBrush?

FlexiBrush requires simple maintenance. Rinse the brushes thoroughly after each use and follow autoclaving guidelines for sterilization. This routine ensures the longevity and optimal performance of FlexiBrush.

What is the shelf life of FlexiBrush, and are there any storage considerations?

FlexiBrush has a stable shelf life when stored under proper conditions. Keeping them in a clean and dry environment is best, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures.

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What Doctors Are Saying

In finishing and polishing ability, the FlexiDisc minis scored higher than Soflex extra thin and are about half the price.


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