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Dental Matrix Bands

Our dental matrix bands are ultra-thin and pre-contoured to save you time and money. Choose between tofflemire matrix bands and sectional matrix bands, available in both large and small sizes.  All of our matrix bands are designed to give you consistent contacts in posterior teeth.

Why Choose Cosmedent’s Matrix Bands

Are you in the market for the highest-quality matrix bands? Using top-of-the-line matrix bands can help you achieve perfect-fitting dental restorations. That is where Cosmedent matrix bands come in. Our matrix bands are preferred by many dentists globally due to their effectiveness and exceptional quality. Discover why our matrix bands stand out below:

Achieve That Snug Fit

Regardless of the kind of restoration you are working on, Cosmedent matrix bands will help you achieve that tight contact you desire. These bands will perfectly fit around the tooth and provide the right environment for the restorative material. This also guarantees precise contours and reduces the risk of open margins.

Comprehensive Selection

Another reason why dentists love Cosmedent matrix bands is because they are suitable for multiple clinical scenarios. Whether you are doing Class II restorations or creating proximal contours, the versatility of our matrix bands will allow you to complete various procedures efficiently.

Sturdy and Resilient

Cosmedent matrix bands are created using stainless steel to prevent deformation. You can count on them to maintain their shape throughout the restoration procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Matrix Bands

Here are answers to your commonly asked questions about Cosmedent’s matrix bands:

Can I Use Your Matrix Bands For Anterior and Posterior Restorations?

Cosmedent matrix bands are versatile and ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Just select the size based on the tooth you are working on.

Do Your Matrix Bands Provide a Tight Fit Around the Tooth?

Cosmedent’s matrix bands come in two styles: Full Contact Sectional Matrix Bands and Ultra-Thin Tofflemire Matrix Bands. So, regardless of your preference, there is a matrix band to ensure precise contours and tight contacts.  

What Materials Are Cosmedent Matrix Bands Made From?

Cosmedent matrix bands are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel to ensure flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and durability. 

Can Cosmedent’s Matrix Bands be Used With Various Restorative Materials?

You will be glad to know that Cosmedent matrix bands are compatible with all restorative materials, like amalgams and composites. 

Are Cosmedent Matrix Bands Available in Different Sizes and Configurations?

Yes, Cosmedent matrix bands come in different sizes and configurations to handle various dental restorations. No matter what restoration you are working on, you are guaranteed to find the suitable matrix band for your specific needs. 

How Can I Choose the Ideal Cosmedent Matrix Band for a Particular Dental Procedure?

Choosing the ideal matrix band depends on several factors, like the location of the tooth, type of restoration, and your desired outcome. Cosmedent matrix bands are labeled and come with clear instructions to help you choose the most suitable option for specific applications.