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Dental Composite Products & Materials

Our dental composite products and materials are for direct anterior and posterior composite bonding. Renamel dental restoration materials is aesthetic, wear-resistant, color-stable, and perfectly matched to the VITA shade guide for predictable one-shade restorations. Browse through our selection of composite fillable materials on this page.


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Why Choose Cosmedent’s Dental Composite Products and Materials?

Choosing the right dental composite products and materials is crucial to creating natural-looking and long-lasting dental restorations. As the premier dental products manufacturer, we proudly provide the highest quality solutions to make your dentistry more esthetic and profitable. Our dental composite products and materials are the premier choice for many dentists worldwide. Discover what makes them stand out below.

Versatile and Reliable

Regardless of the kind of restoration you are working on, Cosmedent composite and polishing systems will simplify the restoration process. You can count on them to create natural, esthetic fillings and veneers. Our products come in a variety of shades to match any tooth and achieve that desired finish.

Easy to Shape

We know that time is a precious commodity. That’s why Cosmedent ensures that our composites have superior sculptability. By choosing our products, you can create restorations that look natural in your patients’ mouths.

Natural Appearance

Patients prefer natural-looking restorations. So, Cosmedent designed composites that mimic nature for highly esthetic restorations to keep your patients smiling with confidence. Our composite products and materials match the appearance of real teeth. That also means that they will blend perfectly with the adjacent teeth.

Unmatched Durability

Cosmedent’s Renamel Microhybrids and Nano+ Plus composites are among the strongest available. This will enhance the durability of your restorations. The Renamel Microfill maintains its polish and is more wear-resistant than any other composite. These composites combined ensure restorations that restorations will last for years and enhance the success of your practice. Patients will trust you more and recommend their loved ones to your clinic.

Trusted By Professionals

Dentists globally have made Cosmedent dental composite products and materials their go-to solutions. Our composite products and materials have a reputation for esthetic excellence and durability and are also preferred by many due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Composite Products And Materials

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our dental composite products and materials below:

Are Your Composite Materials Easy to Handle and Shape?

Yes, Cosmedent composites handle beautifully and are easy to sculpt. Each composite has a reliable viscosity to aid in sculpting and contouring, making it easy to achieve natural, esthetic restorations.

How Long Do Restorations Made with Cosmedent’s Composite Materials and Products Last?

The exact longevity of restorations depends on several factors, like hygiene, diet, and sleep habits. With proper patient oral hygiene habits, attention to diet, and controlling of bruxism, restorations made with our composites can last many years.

Are Cosmedent’s Composite Products and Materials Compatible with Other Dental Materials and Techniques?

Cosmedent composites work seamlessly with most etchants, bonding agents, and other dental composites. Even so, testing compatibility in your practice is advised to guarantee optimal results.

Can Your Composite Material and Products Be Used For Anterior and Posterior Restorations?

Cosmedent composite materials and products are ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Some products are specifically designed to excel in these restorations. So, check the product description or get in touch with us to find out which will work best for you.

What Doctors Are Saying

I was amazed at the glass-like feel, the wonderful texture, and just the depth that it gave to my restorations.

Dr. Daniele Larose
Dr. Daniele LaroseDDS

To me, Renamel has been one of my best friends in dentistry…it’s one of the few products in dentistry that I truly cannot live without.

Dr. Elliot Mechanic
Dr. Elliot MechanicDDS

For any restoration if you want the best polishability, the best lifelike luster of a natural tooth, the best refractive and reflective index, the best long-term maintenance over time with the least wear, and the best simulation of natural tooth structure, then Renamel Microfill is King.

Dr. Bud Mopper
Dr. Bud MopperDeveloper of Renamel Microfill

For ultimate esthetics, nothing beats Renamel Microfill. For a composite that handles beautifully, has a natural translucency, polishes to an amazing shine and is color stable for many years…choose Renamel Microfill.

Corky Willhite, D.D.S.
Corky Willhite, D.D.S.

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