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SKU: e7a184348584



SKU: e7a184348584


Interproximal Finishing and Composite Polishing Strips


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Product Overview

FlexiStrips will help you put a high polish on interproximal areas while decreasing the tenacity of interproximal stains. FlexiStrips come in both regular and narrow widths to give dentists greater flexibility in interproximal finishing and polishing. Wide dental interproximal strips are excellent for the incisal 2/3 of the interproximal, whereas narrow interproximal finishing strips can be used to polish the gingival aspects of the interproximal without damaging the tissue.


  • Removes interproximal stains
  • The only brand with dual grits in both widths
  • Ultra thin and easy-to-use
  • Abrasive does not strip off when pulled through the interproximal contact
  • Aluminum oxide

Indications for Use

  • Use the wide dental polishing strips for the incisal 2/3 of the interproximal
  • Use the narrow composite finishing strips to polish the gingival aspects of the interproximal area without doing soft tissue damage