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Cosmedent Brush & Sculpt

SKU: 627101


Cosmedent Brush & Sculpt

SKU: 627101
1 gram syringe


Our composite wetting agent simplifies handling, ensuring ease of manipulation this popular solution enhances the manageability of composites making the material more user- friendly and efficient in various applications.


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Product Overview

This Cosmedent Top Seller eliminates the frustrating problem of hard-to-manipulate, sticky composite. Placing a small amount of Brush & Sculpt on your brush or instrument will help facilitate easy composite manipulation.  Each order includes three 22-gauge tips.


  • Facilitates easy composite manipulation
  • Eliminates composite stickiness and pullback
  • HEMA-free, means it will not discolor your composite like unfilled resins
  • Can use with your composite sculpting instrument or brush

Indications for Use

  • Composite sculpting and brushing resin

What Doctors Are Saying

The reason why I like using this material is it has got the right consistency and viscosity that allows you to work with composite materials with ease.

Dr. Dipesh Parmar
Dr. Dipesh ParmarDDS

Brush & Sculpt will allow you to move composite resin without having it stick to your instruments. It will not contaminate your restorations due to the fact it is hema-free. It is an excellent material to help make your composite restorations easier to manipulate.

Dr. Bob Margeas
Dr. Bob Margeas

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