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Porcelize - Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste

Porcelize, a porcelain polishing and finishing paste is the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless shine on your porcelain restorations. Our exclusive diamond-based porcelain polishing paste is specifically formulated to enhance the luster of porcelain veneers and crowns. With Porcelize, a two-step system utilizing a 3-micron and a 1-micron polishing paste, you can achieve an unparalleled polish that will leave your porcelain restorations looking stunningly radiant.

What Doctors Are Saying

Sequential pastes work well on porcelain and composite.

Cosmedent Customer

Unlocking Dental Excellence with Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste

Achieving exceptional results empowers you to deliver patient care in dentistry. One helpful component is polishing and finishing dental restorations. Cosmedent’s Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste is a product that elevates the quality of dental work. This is by enhancing dental aesthetics and restoration quality.

Benefits of Porcelize

Porcelize is a product in dentistry that promises to revolutionize the way feldspathic porcelain dental restorations are polished. Let’s delve into the benefits of this remarkable product:

Superior Shine

Porcelize enables practitioners to achieve a superior shine. Thus enhancing the natural beauty of restorations. This glossy finish adds a touch of brilliance to every smile.

Enhanced Smoothness

With its ability to polish porcelain surfaces to a smooth texture, Porcelize reduces plaque accumulation and enhances patient comfort. This smooth finish ensures a seamless integration of restorations with natural dentition.

Stain Resistance

Our Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste ensures dental restorations’ long-lasting brilliance and durability. It is formulated to resist staining so patients can enjoy a radiant smile without worrying about discoloration over time.

Easy Application

Porcelize offers a simple application process, making polishing and finishing dental prosthetics efficient and hassle-free. This ease of application saves valuable chairside time while delivering exceptional results.

Versatile Compatibility

Porcelize is compatible with a wide range of dental materials. They include ceramics and composites. It also offers versatility in clinical use. Practitioners can rely on this product for consistent and reliable performance across various restorative procedures.

Utilizing Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste

Utilizing Cosmedent’s Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste in dental procedures opens up a realm of possibilities for achieving exquisite results. Let’s explore how this versatile product can be effectively utilized:

Composite Restorations

Polish and finish composite fillings using only the Porcelize 1 Micron Polishing Paste (pink) to integrate them seamlessly with the natural tooth structure. This ensures a flawless finish.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Enhance the polish of veneers with Porcelize; deliver stunning cosmetic results that leave patients with radiant smiles.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Polish crowns and bridges with Porcelize, ensuring optimal aesthetics and longevity of these dental restorations.


Is Porcelize suitable for all dental restorations?

It is compatible with various dental materials: ceramics and composites.

  • Use the 3 Micron (blue) and 1 Micron (pink) on feldspathic porcelain
  • Use only the 1 Micron (pink) on microhybrid and nano composites. 

How often should Porcelize be used? 

The frequency of use depends on each patient’s specific needs and the restoration type. However, typically, it is used during the final polishing and finishing stages of dental procedures.

Can Porcelize be used on natural teeth?

While it is designed for restorations, it can also be used for polishing natural teeth. However, follow professional recommendations for optimal results.

Does Porcelain Polishing & Finishing Paste require any special equipment for application?

No, Porcelize can be applied using standard dental polishing instruments or rotary polishing devices commonly found in dental practices. Its easy application process ensures convenience for practitioners.

Is Porcelize suitable for pediatric patients?

It is safe for use on children when used according to professional guidelines. However, it’s essential to consider each patient’s age and specific needs before application.


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