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Insure Dental Resin Cement

Cosmedent Insure is a top-rated resin cement system that is easy and reliable. Insure Lite Automix is a composite resin cement for veneers, inlays, onlays, and crowns. This composite cement for dental applications is designed to provide high strength bonding for your restoration needs. When you buy from Cosmedent, you can be confident you’re getting high-quality dental resin cement for your practice. Browse our dental cement products and place an order today.

Choosing the Right Dental Cement for Your Practice: A Dentist’s Perspective

The products you use determine your office’s success. However, the many available options make identifying the ideal one difficult.

That’s why considering the following factors is essential. Cosmedent’s dental professionals will discuss the key considerations you should consider to find an appropriate resin cement for your practice.

Type of Restoration

The restorations you commonly work with are fundamental in choosing the suitable cement. Different types of restorations may require specific types of cement for optimal results. Understanding the compatibility between the cement and the restoration material is paramount for long-term success.

Adhesive Properties

Consider the bonding properties of the dental cement. Some cements are designed for conventional cementation utilizing traditional dental adhesives, like Cosmedent Complete Universal Adhesive System. Other cements are self-adhesive, forming a bond with the tooth structure and cementing the restoration. Assess your preferred bonding method and choose a cement that aligns with your preferences.

Esthetic Considerations

For restorations in visible areas, esthetics are very important. Therefore, choose a dental cement that complements the tooth’s natural color. This contributes to achieving a seamless and appealing result.

Setting Time

The setting time of dental cement can impact the efficiency of your workflow. Some cements offer a quick setting time, which reduces chairside time. Others are light-cured so the restoration can be tacked into place before polymerization, allowing for better manipulation and precise placement. Evaluate your procedural preferences and choose a cement setting time that aligns with your workflow.


Consider the biocompatibility of the dental cement. This is true, especially as you handle patients with sensitivities or allergies. Picking a biocompatible cement minimizes the risk of adverse reactions. It also ensures your patients’ safety and well-being.

Longevity and Durability

Evaluate the longevity and durability of the chosen dental cement. Color stability is probably the most important factor for long-term success, in addition to a cement that provides a strong and enduring bond. Considering the expected lifespan of the restoration and the patient’s oral health is essential for selecting a cement that aligns with these factors.

Ease of Use

Opt for a dental cement that aligns with your skill level and preferences. Some come in user-friendly formulations, simplifying the cementation process and reducing the likelihood of procedural errors. This is particularly important for practitioners seeking efficiency in their daily practice.

Cost Considerations

Although not the sole determining factor, cost considerations are still essential when choosing cement. Evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness and the longevity of the cement. Don’t forget to factor in the need for more related equipment and the potential for re-treatments.

Why Choose Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement?

Cosmedent Insure is a reliable and trusted choice for your dental practice. Here are reasons why Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement deserves consideration:

Proven Track Record

Cosmedent has a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality dental materials, and Insure Dental Resin Cement is no exception.

Advanced Formulation

Insure Dental Resin Cement is manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring a durable and reliable bond for many restorative applications. The advanced chemical treatments contribute to the durability and stability of cement restorations.

Aesthetic Excellence

Insure Dental Resin Cement offers the best long-term color stability in the industry, providing aesthetic excellence for practitioners. Its natural appearance enables it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding tooth structure. This enhances the restoration’s overall appearance.

Matching Try-In Gel

In order to get the perfect aesthetic result when cementing veneers or crowns, Insure relies on the Prevue Dental Try-In Gels. These are the only trying gels that match the polymerized shade of the Insure cement.

Versatility in Applications

Insure is suitable for many restorative applications, such as veneers, crowns, and bridges. This makes it a go-to choice for practitioners handling diverse cases.

Efficient Setting Time

Insure Dental Resin Cement’s efficient setting time improves the dental procedure’s overall efficiency. Practitioners benefit from cement that sets promptly, streamlining chairside procedures.

Ease of Use

Cosmedent understands the importance of user-friendly materials in a dental practice. Insure Dental Resin Cement is designed for ease of use, especially when it comes to cleaning up excess cement at the margins. This allows practitioners to confidently and efficiently perform cementation procedures with minimal complexity.

Comprehensive Support

Choosing Insure Dental Resin Cement comes with comprehensive support from Cosmedent. Educational resources, technical assistance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are provided. These give the practitioners the support they need.

Trusted by Professionals

Many dental professionals trust and rely on Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement for restorative cases. The product’s positive reception within the dental community attests to its effectiveness and dependability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement.

Is Cosmedent Insure Dental Resin Cement Suitable For All Types Of Restorations?

Our Resin Cement is versatile and can be used for various fillings such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers

What Makes Insure Dental Resin Cement Aesthetically Pleasing?

It is tooth-colored, providing a natural appearance. It blends with the surrounding tooth structure. The color stability of Insure assures long-term aesthetic results.

How Long Does It Take For Insure Dental Resin Cement to Set?

Insure Dental Resin Cement is designed for efficient setting, contributing to the overall time efficiency of dental procedures. Insure can be used as light cure or dual cure resin cement. Light-cured restorations should be polymerized for 60 seconds with a halogen curing light or the longest standard setting of advanced LED light. 

The same procedure should be followed for dual cure restorations, allowing for approximately seven minutes for chemical polymerization to be completed. The setting time may vary, and specific details can be found in the product instructions.

Is Insure Dental Resin Cement Easy To Use For Chairside Procedures?

Insure Dental Resin Cement is ideal for chairside procedures, thanks to its ease of use. It has clear instructions, and practitioners can benefit from its user-friendly nature.

Can Insure Dental Resin Cement Be Used With Different Tooth Shades?

Insure Dental Resin Cement provides excellent esthetics. It can be used with different tooth shades to achieve a natural-looking result.

Does Cosmedent Offer Any Educational Resources For Using Insure Dental Resin Cement?

Cosmedent provides educational resources and technical assistance to ensure you have the information required for successful applications. Visit Cosmedent’s technique videos and resources page for more information on technical assistance.

Is Insure Dental Resin Cement Suitable For Both Anterior And Posterior Restorations?

Certainly, Insure is suitable for all restorations, offering versatility in its applications.

Can I Trust the Bond Strength of Insure Dental Resin Cement?

Yes, when combined with the proper dental adhesive, like Cosmedent Complete Universal Adhesive System, it is known for its exceptional adhesive properties. Thus providing a strong and reliable bond between the restoration and tooth structure. It has been trusted by many dental professionals for its bond strength.

How Does Cosmedent Ensure Product Quality?

Cosmedent adheres to stringent quality control measures, including a two-step quality control inspection. This ensures the high quality of its dental products and adherence to industry standards.

Is Insure Dental Resin Cement Suitable For Use In Sensitive Patients?

When Insure Dental Resin Cement is combined with a dental adhesive system like Cosmedent Complete Universal Adhesive System, it is suitable for sensitive patients. It is essential to consider individual patient needs and consult with them about specific concerns.