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Prevue Try-in Gels

SKU: c05dd1da7122


Prevue Try-in Gels

SKU: c05dd1da7122
2.5 gram syringes


Prevue helps you try-in your veneers for exact color accuracy.


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Product Overview

Prevue Try-in Gels are non-sticky, water soluble, and perfectly matched to polymerized Insure resin cements. Unlike many try-in gels, Prevue takes color shift into account so you can be confident when selecting your resin cement shade. Prevue’s non-sticky chemistry facilitates easy placement and removal.


  • Non-sticky, water soluble and perfectly matched to polymerized Insure resin cements
  • Saves money by eliminating costly waste from using resin cement for try-ins
  • Easy to place and remove – simply wash away with water!
  • The widest range of color versatility of any system
  • Harmless to tooth structure and soft tissue
  • Low glycerin content for reduced sensitivity

Indications for Use

Water soluble try-in veneer cement system


What Doctors Are Saying

Insure and Prevue together make the try-in and cementation of porcelain veneers extremely easy and predictable.

Newton  Fahl, Jr. D.D.S.
Newton Fahl, Jr. D.D.S.

Everything I have to say about Cosmedent products is positive. The Insure clear is one of my standards.

Martin Able, D.D.S.

Insure is my favorite resin cement. I use it almost every day.

Mike Malone, D.D.S