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Prevue Dental Try-in Gels

SKU: c05dd1da7122


Prevue Dental Try-in Gels

SKU: c05dd1da7122
2.5 gram syringes


Prevue helps you try-in your veneers for exact color accuracy.


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Product Overview

Prevue dental try in gels helps you try-in your veneers for exact color accuracy.


  • Non-sticky, water soluble and perfectly matched to polymerized Insure resin cements
  • Saves money by eliminating costly waste from using resin cement for try-ins
  • Easy to place and remove – simply wash away with water!
  • The widest range of color versatility of any system
  • Harmless to tooth structure and soft tissue
  • Low glycerin content for reduced sensitivity

Indications for Use

Water soluble try-in veneer cement system


What Doctors Are Saying

Insure and Prevue together make the try-in and cementation of porcelain veneers extremely easy and predictable.

Newton  Fahl, Jr. D.D.S.
Newton Fahl, Jr. D.D.S.

Everything I have to say about Cosmedent products is positive. The Insure clear is one of my standards.

Martin Able, D.D.S.

Insure is my favorite resin cement. I use it almost every day.

Mike Malone, D.D.S

Enhancing Veneer Placement with Prevue Dental Try-in Gels

Perfect veneer placement is essential for patient satisfaction in restorative dentistry. Consequently, this leads to practice success. With groundbreaking solutions like Prevue Dental Try-in Gels, offered by Cosmedent, practitioners can elevate their approach to veneer placement. Let’s explore how these innovative gels change the process, ensuring precise outcomes and patient delight.

Benefits of Cosmedent’s Prevue Dental Try-in Gels

There are several aspects to Prevue Dental Try-in Gels. However, it’s crucial to understand the advantages they offer in the veneer placement process. Let’s explore how these Cosmedent gels elevate the treatment experience for both practitioners and patients:

Accurate Visualization

Prevue Try-in Gels gives practitioners a precise preview of the final veneer aesthetics. These gels ensure that the desired results are achieved accurately and confidently by allowing dentists to visualize the anticipated outcome before permanent placement.

Patient Communication

Enhancing patient involvement and satisfaction is paramount in cosmetic dentistry. Prevue Dental Try-in Gels facilitate this by allowing patients to see and understand the anticipated results firsthand. This clear communication fosters trust. It also empowers patients to participate actively in their treatment decisions.


One of the key benefits of these Try-in Gels is their adjustability. Dentists can easily modify the shape, size, and color based on patient preferences and feedback during the try-in session. This flexibility ensures that the final restorations align perfectly with the patient’s expectations.

Reduced Chairside Time

Streamlining the veneer placement process is essential for optimizing practice efficiency and patient comfort. Prevue Dental Try-in Gels helps achieve this by minimizing chairside adjustments and refinements. With a clear visualization of the anticipated results, practitioners can proceed confidently, reducing the overall time spent on adjustments during the final placement.

Predictable Results

By fine-tuning veneer aesthetics before permanent placement, Prevue Dental Try-in Gels contribute to achieving predictable outcomes. Dentists can assess and refine the veneers until they meet the desired aesthetic standards. Thus ensuring that the final results align seamlessly with the patient’s expectations.

Utilizing Prevue Dental Try-in Gels

To maximize its benefits, it’s essential to understand Cosmedent’s Try-in Gels strategic implementation throughout the veneer placement process. Let’s explore how these innovative gels can be effectively utilized:

Initial Assessment

Conduct an assessment of the patient’s dental anatomy and desired outcome. This is essential before the veneer placement. It lays the base for a treatment plan designed to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Try-in Session

During the try-in session, apply Prevue Dental Try-in Gels to allow patients to visualize and approve veneer aesthetics. This process enables patients to participate in the decision-making process actively and ensures the outcome aligns with their expectations.

Feedback Incorporation

Incorporate patient feedback gathered during the try-in session to adjust veneer characteristics accordingly for optimal results. Whether it’s modifying the shape, size, or color of the veneers, addressing patient preferences ensures a personalized and satisfactory outcome.

Final Placement

Proceed with permanent veneer placement once the patient approves the trial results. With the patient’s consent and satisfaction secured during the try-in session, dentists can confidently proceed with the final placement, knowing that the desired aesthetics have been achieved.

Post-placement Evaluation

Evaluate veneer placement post-insertion to ensure patient satisfaction and address any concerns. This final step allows dentists to confirm the stability and aesthetics of the veneers. Thus ensuring a successful outcome and maintaining patient confidence in the treatment process.