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Composite Instruments

Cosmedent’s dental composite instruments are titanium coated and non-stick. These composite placement instruments help dentists place, sculpt and contour composites with complete ease. Cosmedent’s composite placement instruments are auotoclavable…


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What Doctors Are Saying

Cosmedent’s Composite Placement Instruments with their excellent variety of shapes, makes this the set of choice. You can do just about any type of restoration with this set.


The innovative titanium-coated instruments are just as they described – non-stick. The slick coating really does work.

Cosmedent Customer

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Emergency Class IV by Dr. Carlos Sanchez
Technique Video

Emergency Class IV by Dr. Carlos Sanchez

Dr. Carlos Sanchez shows you how to use the CASI instrument in emergency class IV restorations. Its built-in curvature makes creating natural contours quick and easy. The sharp tail-end helps you reach into tight interproximal spaces and trim excess material. Teeth have curvature and so should your instrument.

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