Technique Video

Emergency Class IV by Dr. Carlos Sanchez

Dr. Carlos Sanchez shows you how to use the CASI instrument in emergency class IV restorations. Its built-in curvature makes creating natural contours quick and easy. The sharp tail-end helps you reach into tight interproximal spaces and trim excess material. Teeth have curvature and so should your instrument.

Carlos Sanchez
About the AuthorDr. Carlos Sanchez

Aesthecon® was founded by Dr. Carlos Sanchez DDS, FAGD,  in 2015.  Dr. Sanchez has been a practicing Cosmetic and General Dentist for thirty years.  He has received many awards and accolades in his areas of expertise that include Esthetics, Occlusion, TMJ Dysfunction, Root Canal Therapy, Complex Reconstruction, Implants, and Restorative Dentistry.