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Flowable Dental Composites

Renamel Flowable dental composites from Cosmedent are consistently rated #1. Use these flowable composites for simple composite repairs, sealing margins, repairing pits and defects and small occlusal repairs of all types.
Renamel Flowable Microfill For Restorative Dentistry.

What Doctors Are Saying

If you want a flowable microfill with great shades, this is it. Really in a class of its own!

Reality 2009

Good fluorescence and selection of incisal and occlusal shades.


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Class V restoration with Renamel Flowable and Body Microfill
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Class V restoration with Renamel Flowable and Body Microfill

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Why Use Renamel Flowable Microfill Dental Composites From Cosmedent?

Dental professionals are always looking for materials and instruments to help them maintain efficiency and ease of use. Cosmedent’s Renamel Flowable Microfill has become the ultimate choice for dental professionals due to its suitability for shallow composite repairs and a wide range of shade options. Discover why this dental composite has become the go-to choice for dental professionals.

Unparalleled Suitability for Shallow Composite Repairs

One of Cosmedent’s Renamel Flowable Microfill primary benefits is its exceptional suitability for shallow composite repairs. This dental composite will come in handy when you need to repair small defects, minor occlusals, or pits. Its ease of use and precision make such repairs quick and effortless. Renamel Flowable Microfill from Cosmedent allows precise placement and adaptation. It also flows into imperfections and crevices, ensuring a seamless finish and thorough coverage. This Renamel Flowable Microfill also offers excellent handling, making it easy for dentists to sculpt the composite as desired.

Achieve a Perfect Shade Match

We all know that dental restorations require precise customization to match the natural dentition of each patient. Achieving the perfect shade guarantees esthetic harmony and patient satisfaction. Cosmedent’s Renamel Flowable Microfill allows you to do just that. With several syringes of shades available, you have a diverse palette to choose from. This means you can choose a shade that matches your patient’s natural teeth.

Reduced Chairside Time

Another critical benefit of Cosmedent’s Renamel Flowable Microfill is its ability to enhance efficiency in Chairside procedures. Its flowability simplifies the placement process, enabling dental practitioners to streamline procedures without compromising quality. This dental composite also has excellent adaptation properties, reducing adjustments.

Guaranteed Consistency and Reliability

Renamel Flowable Microfill from Cosmedent also guarantees consistency and reliability in clinical applications. Thanks to its formulation, dental practitioners can have confidence in their procedures. Whether it’s a complex restorative procedure or a simple repair, Cosmedent’s flowable composite maintains its stability throughout the process. This strong bond strength ensures the longevity of restorations.

Minimal Post Operative Sensitivity

Post-operative sensitivity is a common concern after restorative procedures. Dental professionals like you are constantly seeking products that can minimize this discomfort. Cosmedent Renamel Flowable Microfill offers minimal post-operative sensitivity when applied correctly. This dental composite forms a strong bond with the tooth structure.

Suggested Applications

Dental professionals rely on Cosmedent’s Renamel Flowable Microfill to address various restorative needs, including:

  • Composite repairs
  • Margin sealing
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Small occlusal repair
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Temporary restorations
  • Emergency repairs
  • Conservative dentistry

Frequently Asked Questions About Renamel Flowable Microfill

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our Renamel Flowable Microfill.

What is Renamel Flowable Microfill and How is it Different From Other Dental Composites?

Renamel Flowable Microfill is a dental composite from Cosmedent. It is the only flowable microfill on the market, so it stands out from other dental composites due to its flowable consistency, high polishability, versatility, range of shades, and precise application.

Can Cosmedent Renamel Flowable Microfill Be Used For Cosmetic Enhancements?

Renamel Flowable Microfill is a popular product in cosmetic dentistry due to its ability to provide precise application. This makes it ideal for hiding minor imperfections and enhancing the esthetics of anterior teeth.

Is Renamel Flowable Microfill Suitable For Pediatric Dentistry?

Its precise application and unparalleled adaptation properties make Renamel Flowable Microfill an excellent choice for sealing fissures and pits in pediatric patients.

Can Renamel Flowable Microfill Be Used For Emergency Dental Repairs?

This dental composite is a valuable tool for dental emergencies because of its versatility and quick application.


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