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Top Finisher System

SKU: 405000


Top Finisher System

SKU: 405000

All you need to finish and polish at your fingertips!

Total Price:


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Product Overview

All you ever need to finish and polish is at your fingertips!

Cosmedent’s complete Top Finisher System provides you with everything you need to finish and polish in one convenient, cost-effective kit.  This conveniently color-coded, easy-to-use system will help you create a polished esthetic surface that mimics enamel and will stay that way long-term.  With this kit you will be able to finish and polish composite, porcelain, enamel, metal and natural teeth.


  • Combines all of your polishing needs into 1 convenient Kit
  • Great value for your money
  • Common color-coding makes grit identification and selection easy
  • Integrated discs, strips, cups, points, buffs and polishing paste
  • Components are simple to use, designed to make your esthetics easier
  • Complete step-by-step polishing guide

What you get:

  • 21 different items, color-coded grits for ultimate convenience
  • 700 assorted discs (mini centers, 3 diameters, 6 grits)
  • 8 mini mandrels
  • 12 diamond strips (assorted grits)
  • 4 of each cup and 4 of each point
  • 50 FlexiBuffs – Mini Center
  • 50 of each FlexiStrips (2 widths, 4 grits/mylar gapped)
  • 1 tube Enamelize (36g)
  • 2 syringe Porcelize diamond diamond polishing paste (3 micron and 1 micron) with rubber and felt wheels
  • 2 Felt Flexipoints

Indications for Use

    Use to polish microfills, nanofills and hybrid composites as well as porcelain, amalgam and gold.

What Doctors Are Saying

It gives you just about everything you would ever need to finish and polish composite and porcelain restorations all in one box. It is well organized and contains all of the finishing and polishing products for which Cosmedent is famous.


Proper finishing and polishing greatly increase esthetic results, maximize patients’ oral health and increase the longevity of restorations. The Top Finisher Kit was designed to give dentists the tools necessary to achieve a beautiful, lasting polish on all restorations.

Bud Mopper DDS, MS
Bud Mopper DDS, MSDeveloper of the Top Finisher System

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