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Dental Polishing & Finishing Tools

Dental polishing & finishing tools for your dental restorations is the key to beauty, longevity and patient satisfaction. Cosmedent’s dental polishing and finishing materials give you everything you need to confidently polish composites, porcelain, metal, gold, and natural teeth to a high shine. Below, browse our composite restoration polishing and finishing tools.


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Why Choose Cosmedent’s Dental Finishing and Polishing Instruments?

The instruments you choose affect how your restorations look and feel. The right finishing and polishing instruments will make your dental restorations look their best and last longer. That is where Cosmedent’s dental finishing and polishing systems come in. Our products are the premier choice for dentists looking to provide unmatched restorations with minimal chairside time. Discover why our finishing and polishing instruments are loved by many dentists worldwide.

Comprehensive Selection of Dental Finishing and Polishing Instruments

No matter what kind of procedure you are doing, we have a wide selection of dental finishing and polishing instruments. Each tool caters to every stage of your process. For instance, the Mini FlexiDisc is extra thin and flexible, giving more control and an unbeatable final polish. We also have the top All Ceramic Polishing System for adjustments and a spectacular final polish.

Work Seamlessly With Various Restorative Materials

Another reason why Cosmedent’s dental finishing and polishing systems are preferred by many dentists is they work perfectly with multiple restorative materials like ceramics, metals, and composites. Thanks to this versatility, you can achieve great results in all your cases.

Enhanced Surface Smoothness

Our finishing and polishing systems deliver exceptional surface smoothness. These instruments can also help you achieve lifelike textures and seamless blending with adjacent teeth.


Find answers to the commonly asked questions about our dental finishing and polishing instruments below.

Can I Use Standard Instruments for Finishing and Polishing?

Although basic finishing and polishing products can be used for standard contouring, specialized finishing and polishing systems are highly advisable in order to obtain natural contours with spectacular polish. 

What Types of Finishing and Polishing Instruments Are Available For My Practice?

We have a variety of finishing and polishing instruments for you to choose from. These include:

Do You Provide Different Grits For Your Finishing and Polishing Products?

Our finishing and polishing products are available in multiple grits: Course, Medium, Fine, and SuperFine. Each is color-coded throughout the entire Cosmedent System. 

Can I Use Cosmedent Finishing and Polishing Instruments On Both Anterior and Posterior Teeth?

Many of our finishing and polishing products are ideal for both anterior and posterior teeth. However, check the product description for specific guidance on product selection and application techniques for different tooth surfaces. You can also reach out to our support team for further assistance. 

What is the Recommended Rotations Per Minute (RPM) for Using Cosmedent Finishing and Polishing Instruments?

The ideal RPM varies depending on the specific product you are using. Check the product description or get in touch with our dedicated support team for detailed RPM guidelines.  

How Can I Choose the Ideal Finishing and Polishing Products for My Dental Procedures?

The secret to choosing the ideal finishing and polishing products is dependent on the restorative material being used. Check the product description or get in touch with us to determine the most suitable products for your dental procedures. 

What Doctors Are Saying

In finishing and polishing ability, the FlexiDisc minis scored higher than Soflex extra thin and are about half the price.


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