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Resin Keeper

SKU: 901101


Resin Keeper

SKU: 901101

Our convenient organizer for all light-curable materials also helps prevent pre-polymerization.

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Product Overview

ResinKeeper is the ultimate dental resin storage and organization solution. This convenient work surface is specifically designed to allow you to efficiently manage your light-curable materials before starting any restoration process.

The ResinKeeper is a versatile dental keeper that ensures your resin materials are stored securely and ready for immediate use. With its fully reversible design, you can easily access your light-curable materials while keeping them protected from premature polymerization. Thanks to the light-tight cover, you can rest assured that your resins remain in their optimal state until you are ready to apply them.

Equipped with a non-stick reversible work surface, the ResinKeeper offers ample space with eight mixing wells per side. This feature allows you to conveniently mix different resin formulations without the worry of cross-contamination. Whether you’re working with multiple shades or different types of dental resins, the ResinKeeper provides a clean and organized workspace for all your mixing needs.

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in any dental setting. That’s why the ResinKeeper’s working surface is autoclavable, ensuring proper sterilization and eliminating any potential risk of cross-infection. Cleaning up is a breeze too, as the surface can be easily wiped with an alcohol wipe, saving you time and effort.


  • A great work surface organizer for your light-cured materials
  • Avoids premature polymerization of composite materials
  • Non-stick reversible work surface
  • Autoclavable and easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe

Indications for Use

  • A work surface for all light-cured materials
  • A light-tight cover will permit storage of materials without premature polymerization