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All Ceramic Polisher

Cosmedent’s New All Ceramic Dental Polisher create an incredible polish on all ceramic restorations in seconds. Use to polish Zirconia, E-Max and other lithium disilicates, feldspathic porcelain and all milled CAD/CAM Ceramics.

What Doctors Are Saying

I have never seen anything polish ceramics of all kinds as fast and as beautiful as Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers. The gloss, finish and beauty it achieves is amazing and rivals the gloss of any glaze available.

Dr. Bud Mopper
Dr. Bud Mopper

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Achieve an incredible polish on Zirconia with Dr. Jason Smithson
Technique Video

Achieve an incredible polish on Zirconia with Dr. Jason Smithson

Check out Dr. Jason Smithon polishing a Zirconia bridge using Cosmedent's ALL CERAMIC Polishers. He also shares a little trick using another top seller product to achieve an amazing final result. Watch to the end and find out which product that is.
How to Whiten Crowns Polish All Ceramics In Seconds
Technique Video

How to Whiten Crowns Polish All Ceramics In Seconds

Create an unbelievable polish on Zirconia, e.max and other lithium disilicates, feldspathic porcelain and milled CAD/CAM ceramics in seconds. Cosmedent's All Ceramic Polishers actually bring the color and translucence out of the ceramic, unlike the flat finish of a glaze.

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Why Choose Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Dental Polishers?

Cosmedent All Ceramic Dental Polishers is the preferred choice for dental professionals looking to achieve excellent results in their all ceramic restorations. Discover why thousands of dental professionals opt for these specialized polishers.

Deliver An Exceptional Shine And Luster

The All Ceramic Polishers from Cosmedent deliver an exceptional shine and luster to all ceramic restorations. Whether working with lithium, porcelain, or any other ceramic material, Cosmedent’s polishers will give your restorations a brilliant and natural finish.

Unmatched Versatility

Another standout feature of Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers is their versatility. They work seamlessly with various ceramic materials, enabling you to achieve consistent and outstanding results.

Improves Time Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial for both you and your patients. Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers can significantly reduce chairside time by providing swift and effective polishing.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers help make your restorations look exceptional, increasing dentist and patient satisfaction

Reduced Risk of Microfractures

Microfractures compromise the integrity of all ceramic restorations over time. That is where Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers come in. Cosmedent’s ceramic polishers are designed to reduce the risk of microfractures by creating a smooth and stable surface.

Ease of Use

Cosmedent’s All Ceramic dental polishers are user-friendly, making them ideal for both experienced and novice dental professionals.

Comprehensive Range of Polishers

Cosmedent offers a comprehensive range of all ceramic polishers, allowing you to choose the ideal one for each case. You can also find all ceramic polishers tailored for specific clinical requirements.

Use Cases of Cosmedent All Ceramic Polishers

Cosmedent’s All Ceramic dental polishers are versatile tools for many dental applications. Below are some common use cases where all ceramic polishers from Cosmedent excel.

Inlays and Onlays

Cosmedent’s All ceramic dental polishers are essential for creating precise contours. They also ensure a seamless fit with minimal chairside adjustments.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are popularly used to enhance the appearance of anterior teeth. Cosmedent’s All Ceramic polishers can help you achieve a high gloss finish on porcelain veneers, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your patients’ natural dentations.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental professionals turn to our All Ceramic Polishers to achieve the final polish on crowns and bridges made from materials like zirconia and lithium. All our polishers leave a smooth and durable surface, enhancing aesthetic and function.

Veneered Restorations

Restorations that involve veneering porcelain or ceramic materials require meticulous polishing. Our dental ceramic polishers will give you the necessary control and precision to ensure that each veneer has the perfect fit and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmedent All Ceramic Polishers

We understand that you may have some questions about our All Ceramic Polishers. We’ll address the most common queries below to help you make an informed decision. You can always reach out to Cosmedent if you have any additional questions or concerns.

What Sets Cosmedent All Dental Ceramic Polishers Apart From Other Polishing Tools?

Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers are set apart from other tools in the market by their:

  •     Versatility
  •     Ease of use
  •     Exceptional shine
  •     Deliver consistently
  •     Time efficiency

Are Your Polishers Suitable For Use On Specific Or Ceramic Materials?

Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers are ideal for different ceramic materials, including porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia.

Do Cosmedent All Ceramic Polishers Require Specialized Training to Use?

Cosmedent ceramic polishers are user-friendly for novice and experienced dental professionals.

Are Cosmedent Polishers Suitable For Maintenance and Repairs of Existing Ceramic Restorations?

These All Ceramic dental polishers can be used for maintenance and repairs or existing or ceramic restorations. They will help you ensure that each adjustment or repair maintains its original quality and appearance.

How Can I Access Support and Training For Using Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Dental Polishers in My Practice?

Cosmedent provides comprehensive support, including expert guidance, educational resources, and webinars to help you maximize the potential of our All Ceramic dental polishers in your practice. Reach out to the Cosmedent team for personalized assistance.