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Renamel Flowable Microfill

SKU: 17159cd20b02


Renamel Flowable Microfill

SKU: 17159cd20b02
3 gram syringe


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Our Renamel Flowable Microfill for seamless shallow composite repairs, ensuring precision and aesthetic excellence in dental restoration.


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Product Overview

Use Renamel Flowable Microfill for composite repairs and sealing margins in small restorations. Renamel Flowable Microfill exhibits great fluorescence, excellent handling, and low porosity. It is perfectly matched to the classic VITA shade guide and the rest of the Renamel Restorative System to make composite repairs and sealing margins fast and easy.


  • Top rated flowable composite for quick and simple repairs
  • Lowest porosity (.3) helps to eliminate voids
  • Fluoresces like tooth structure
  • Polishes to a high shine
  • Color matched to the Classic VITA shade guide for quick and easy shade selection

Indications for Use

  • Seal margins
  • Small occlusal and lingual restorations
  • Repair marginal defects
  • Repair pitted areas in existing restorations
  • Seal pit and fissures
  • Use in conjunction with Body Renamel Microfill in Shallow Class V restorations

What Doctors Are Saying

If you want a flowable microfill with great shades, this is it. Really in a class of its own!

Reality 2009

Good fluorescence and selection of incisal and occlusal shades.


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