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Peg Laterals – Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month

Dr. Rhodri Thomas demonstrates his technique for peg laterals in this video. Using a matrix band to create a good contact point, Dr. Thomas builds his dentin layers with Renamel Microhybrid. Next, he demonstrates how to create a halo with tints on one tooth, and a halo with opaquers on another. He finishes with Renamel Microfill and polishing.

About the AuthorDr. Rhodri Thomas

Undeniably committed to his career, Rhodri believes it is his background as an artist that has spurred on his love of esthetic dentistry. As a landscape painter, his eye for color and composition transfers from the canvas into his dental work, recreating the natural landscapes of the mouth. Rhodri lectures and teaches internationally on the subject of esthetics, presenting at conferences or running courses across the globe, and publishes articles in leading dental magazines. He has gone on to be three times winner of Best Young Dentist at British Dentistry Awards alongside a national award for his research. He was the instructor for a worldwide online composite course and is now founder of The Art of Dentistry courses and co-founder of Art2aesthetics a new series of unique training programs and esthetic-based training courses for dentists. He believes every clinician has a natural creative ability inside of them and enjoys nothing more than helping to ignite it.