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Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS
Dr. Newton Fahl - Instructor
Jul 11-12 2024
16 CE Credits
Live In Person
Chicago, IL

Achieve Unmatched Aesthetics with Composite Veneers

Veneering Maxillary Central Incisors - A Direct and a Direct-Indirect Approach for Achieving Ultimate Esthetics

Dr. Fahl will guide you through the selection and application of composites to achieve veneers that defy detection.


Course Schedule

Day 1

  • Smile design checklist and the esthetic role of maxillary central incisors (MCI) in the smile frame.
  • Breaking down the anatomy of an MCI through a 3D analysis.
  • The histomorphology of the maxillary dentition and relevant clinical esthetic variants of MCI’s.
  • The Polychromatic Layering Technique (PLT) applied to composite resin selection and layering strategies.
  • Contact lenses and veneers: differences and indications.
  • Tints: creating from subtle to marked characterizations.
  • Opaquers: why and how to use them to counteract low-value substrates.
  • Preparation guidelines for best layering results.

Direct veneer on the maxillary left central incisor (#9)

  • Shade selection
  • Establishing incisal edge position
  • Using Creative Color Opaquer for leveling out the value
  • Building inner dentin chromaticity
  • Creating incisal characterizations (mamelons and opalescence)
  • Layering body and value shades for polychromatic results
  • The 5-step protocol for perfect primary anatomy
  • Polishing
Day 2

  • The Direct-Indirect Composite Veneer Technique
  • Advantages (better margins, contours, polish, and shade matching)
  • Prepless contact lenses and veneers
  • Clinical cases

Direct-indirect veneer on the maxillary right central incisor (#8)

  • Shade selection
  • The Dir-indir protocol
  • Establishing incisal edge position
  • Building inner dentin chromaticity
  • Creating incisal characterizations (mamelons and opalescence)
  • Layering body and value shades for polychromatic results
  • Veneer removal, primary finishing, and polishing
  • Veneer luting

Creating twin central incisors (#8 & #9)

  • Primary anatomy refinement for symmetry
  • Secondary anatomy (visual triggers and execution)
  • Tertiary anatomy (micro and macro-texture)
  • Polishing to an enamel-like appearance

Dr. Fahl looked at each person’s work every step of the way.

Course Participant

I have taken over 1,500 continuing education hours over my career as a dentist. This was my first experience at Cosmedent. I had the pleasure of taking a course by Dr Newton Fahl. After the class, I was able to transfer the skills I learned over the weekend and apply those skills immediately on Monday. Highly recommend!

Max BarskyDDS

Dr. Fahl explained things in a new, eye-opening way.

Course Participant
Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS

Meet the Instructor

Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS

Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr. received his DDS degree from Londrina State University, Brazil, in 1987. In 1989 he received the Certificate in Operative Dentistry and Master of Science degree from the University of Iowa, USA. Dr. Fahl is a Fellow member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) ), an MCG-Hinman Foundation fellow, and an adjunct professor at UNC. He is the recipient of the prestigious American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) 2008 President’s Award for Best Teacher and the 2011American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry Education Award.

In addition to being on the editorial board of several peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Fahl has published extensively on direct and indirect bonding techniques. He is proud to be the author of the book “Composite Veneers – the Direct-Indirect Technique.” His composite layering approach – The Polychromatic Technique (1995) – has helped thousands of dentists globally achieve the highest levels of restorative excellence. Dr. Fahl lives in Curitiba, Brazil, where he maintains a private practice emphasizing esthetic dentistry at the Fahl Center and conducts hands-on courses on direct and indirect adhesive restorations.