Esthetics, Prosthetics, Function, Overlays and Vertical Dimension of Occlusion with Direct and Indirect Posterior Restorations


July 14-15, 2022
Chicago, IL

AGD Subject Codes: 010, 130, 180, 250, 610, and 780

Become a Restorative Dentist with Posterior resin Restorations


Learn Simple and Advanced Posterior Composite Techniques in this Live In-Person Class. 

  • How to layer, achieve tight contacts, and achieve proper occlusion in the posterior
  • When to use ceramics vs. composites
  • Direct and indirect overlays, inlays and onlays
  • When and how to raise VDO  on highly worn dentition
  • Direct and indirect composite techniques
  • Lots of hands-on!



Class Overview/Schedule



  1.  Classification of techniques and restorative strategies for direct restorations.
  2.  Materials for direct restorations.
  3.  Direct techniques Class I and Class II, overcoming usual problems in posterior restorations.
  4.  Anatomy and layering techniques for direct restorations.
  5.  Adhesion and adhesive options and techniques for posterior resin restorations.
  6.  Occlusion in the posterior restored teeth.
  7.  How to accomplish adequate interproximal contacts in posterior restorations.
  8.  Finishing and polishing procedures.
  9.  Moisture management with Rubber Dam in restorative dentistry.


  1. Preparation for posterior adhesive restorations
  2.  Class 1 and 2 restorations on posterior teeth; how to layer, achieve tight contacts, use the best instruments for composite restorations, how to prevent the “high occlusion problem”, use of matrix systems, rings and wedges, tints and opaquers on posterior restorations.
  3. Learn how to achieve anterior guidance and canine rise with Composite Resin Veneers! 

Day 2


  1. Classification of techniques for advanced restorative strategies in posterior restorations.
  2.  Tooth preparations for posterior restorations.
  3.  Diagnosis and treatment planning for posterior resin restorations.
  4.  Direct and indirect overlays, inlays and onlays.
  5.  Clear Matrix direct–indirect techniques for posterior resin restorations
  6.  Prosthetic options for adhesive resin bonded bridges.
  7.  Adhesive techniques for posterior bonded ceramic restorations
  8.  Opening vertical dimension of occlusion with posterior restorations.

Hands - on:

  1. When to direct restore, inlay or overlay a posterior tooth, preparation design, silicone matrix technique for occlusal surfaces.
  2. When and how to raise the vertical dimension of occlusion on highly worn down teeth. Build a direct composite overlay
  3. When to indirect restore any posterior tooth, ceramics vs composite when to use different materials, Cement an indirect restoration
Upcoming Dates  & Times

Date: July 14-15, 2022
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST 

Course Fee   

$3,295 - Includes breakfast & lunch


401 N. Michigan Ave. 
Ste. 2500
Chicago, IL

16 CE hours

AGD Subject Codes: 010, 130, 180, 250, 610, and 780

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401 N. Michigan, Ave., Chicago IL


JavierJavier Quiros D.D.S

Dr. Quiros is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry, and holds an advanced education in General Dentistry with a Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry, and also concluded a Graduate Prosthodontics Program from the Texas A & M., Baylor College of Dentistry. He teaches at Odontopolis Dental Training Institute, Costa Rica Dental Association, and also at the Graduate Prosthodontics Department from the University of Costa Rica. Dr Quiros has a successful private practice, in San Jose, Costa Rica, which concentrates in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.