Webinar: Composite Skills You Need to Attain Porcelain-like Results

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In this one-hour webinar, learn what direct composite bonding skills and techniques you need to achieve superior preservation and esthetic outcomes.

How recently have you updated your direct composite bonding skills? Our patients, with so many resources to evaluate our results, are demanding tooth preservation and highly esthetic outcomes. Composite can rival porcelain with some additional skills and techniques. Discover how to use this additive technique to accomplish seamless composite restorations on anterior teeth.

Learn the answers to important questions… what materials best achieve these results — micro hybrids, microfills, or nanohybrids? Are tints necessary? Is there one technique or system that is better than others?

This webinar will introduce the unparalleled composite results of using the 3D Characterized Layering Technique. This incremental layering technique was published in a 20-page chapter in the Dental Clinics of North America 2007 edition by Dr. LeSage. Learn this additive technique at a level seen mostly through our master ceramists and veneers.


Webinar learning objectives include:

  • Class IV restorations with polychromicity, incisal translucency, and appropriate luster.
  • -Preparation design and the use of a PVS putty matrix will be demonstrated.
  • Finishing and polishing as it relates to creating seamless and undetectable restorations will be explored.