Technique Video

Reinforcing Worn Incisal Edges with Composite Resin

In this video, Dr. Mopper shows how building up worn incisal edges with composite protects the enamel surface left and can prevent future crowns. This is a great example of quadrant dentistry.

First, Dr. Mopper preps the teeth by creating a “trough” with micro-burs. He enters the incisal edge with a flame-shaped bur. He then uses a broad-based bur to broaden out the base of the through. He also uses the burs to remove any excess staining.

Next, Dr. Mopper isolates each tooth. Any material (Teflon, Mylar, etc.) can be used — anything thin enough to get between teeth. Dr. Mopper is using metal strips here. He applies an etching solution to the teeth and then washes it off. Next, he adds the bonding adhesive and light-cures the material for 15-20 seconds.

Dr. Mopper adds the dentin reinforcement first to the teeth. He adds Renamel® NANO Plus™ with a Cosmedent® Multi-use Instrument to fill the troughs. He then makes a concave indentation in the NANO to leave a space to build up the Microfill later. He light-cures the NANO for 15-20 seconds. Dr. Mopper then applies the final layer, Renamel Microfill. Renamel Microfill offers the right amount of flexibility for better wear.

He begins finishing with the Coarse Gray FlexiDisc® and continues finishing with the Medium Blue FlexiDisc. He then finishes and polishes with the Fine and Superfine FlexiDisc. Dr. Mopper finishes the proximal of each tooth with a diamond strip and then uses an aluminum-oxide Fine/Superfine FlexiStrip® fine/superfine strip on the interproximal of each tooth to make it as smooth as possible.

About the AuthorDr. Bud Mopper

Dr. Bud Mopper has built an international reputation for his pioneer leadership in direct resin bonding.  He practiced minimally invasive dentistry with composite for over 45 years. He is a renowned lecturer in esthetic dentistry. He co-authored, A Complete Guide to Dental Bonding, which was the first definitive book for the dental profession describing bonding techniques – and he has continued to publish numerous articles on The Art and Science of Direct Resin Bonding.  He is a Life Fellow of the Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Founding Member and Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Life Fellow and Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and Fellow of the American College of Dentistry.  He teaches direct resin bonding on a Continuing Education level at many universities including the Iowa State University and the University of Illinois Chicago, plus he teaches courses at the Center for Esthetic Excellence.

Dr. Mopper is the recipient of three of the most prestigious awards given by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. One for “Lifelong Commitment to Providing Excellence in Continuing Education in Cosmetic Dentistry” and secondly, an award for “Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry” and third for “Outstanding Innovation in Cosmetic Dentistry.” He received the New York University College of Dentistry “The Irwin Smigel Prize in Esthetic Dentistry” and the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the World Aesthetic Congress in England, for “Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry.” He received the 2017 Gordon J. Christensen Lecture Recognition Award from the Chicago Dental Society. Dr. Mopper was awarded the 2018 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is Co-founder and Chairman of Cosmedent, Inc., where he is responsible for educational programs, and product development.