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Porcelain Fused to Metal Repair

Historically, porcelain repairs have been a challenge with long term predictability and acceptable esthetics, especially when metal is exposed. This case illustrates solutions for both using modern materials and adhesives which provide the patient with a reasonable alternative that costs hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.

About the AuthorDr. Sal Lotardo

Dr. Lotardo has earned Accredited status in the AACD—an accomplishment completed by only 405 dental professionals in the history of the association, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the dental profession. He reached this achievement after completing a rigorous credentialing process including a written examination, the submission of clinical cases for examination and an oral examination.

The success of Dr. Lotardo’s practice has afforded him the opportunity to delve into the type of dentistry he enjoys the most. He considers himself fortunate to be able to spend some time away from his practice improving his knowledge base and skill set. Dr. Lotardo has taken numerous continuous hours in implant, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry. And today most of his time is spent only treating cases that combine these facets of care.

The AACD Accreditation process serves to set the standard for excellence in cosmetic dentistry. The process encourages further education, interaction with like-minded colleagues, and the opportunity for professional growth. Accreditation requires dedication to continuing education and responsible patient care.