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How to Avoid Show Through of Dark Preps

Have you ever removed old PFM crowns, only to discover this? The dreaded sclerotic dentin, or old buildups that need to be covered?

When I first started practice, I would see this and feel limited by my material choices of what I could use to restore these teeth. I felt like I needed to use a more opaque material to block out the color, but this would compromise the esthetics I was reaching for. This leads me to this article.

The World of Opaquers

Another dentist introduced me to the world of opaquers and it has literally changed my practice with esthetics. To achieve great esthetics with translucent materials you have to have a similar base structure and this is where Cosmedent’s Creative Color Opaquers have come in so handy.


Pink Opaque


I stock three opaques in my office: Pink, White, and A2.5/A3


Pink Opaque I use to cover any grey or black substructure. It leaves the tooth with a white substructure.


Creative Color White Opaque I will use to block out a substructure such as a necrotic tooth that is an A4 that I need to make lighter to match an A1 or A2 substructure. I also use white to make decalcification marks in composite buildups.


Cretive Color A2.5/A3 Opaquer I use to blend with white opaquer or if I need a darker substructure that is only a shade or 2 different than the one I am trying to match.

How to use Cosmedent Opaquers

  1. Etch and apply adhesive to the surface you wish to opaque and light cure.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Creative Color clear liquid resin, air thin and light cure.
  3. Place a thin layer of desired color opaquer and cure.
  4. If there is still show through, apply additional thin layers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to blend colors. If you are blocking out grey, start with pink. This will turn the tooth pretty white, so if you need the prep to be a dentin shade then add the A1.5/A2 shade as the next layer.
  6. Don’t forget to use opaquer prior to impressions or imaging!

Case 2


Opaquer A2/A2.5


Case 3

Pink Opaque



About the AuthorDr. Kristine Aadland

Dr. Kristine Aadland has an energy and excitement for life that is seen by all who have met her. Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Dr. Aadland completed her undergraduate work at Oregon State University, and subsequently went to Oregon Health Sciences University for dental school. In 2006 she graduated with Clinical Honors and returned to her hometown to start practicing as an employee. Her dream was always to have her own practice and in 2009, when many practices were struggling, she built out her dream practice. She chose to differentiate herself in a competitive marketplace by creating a beautiful, spa-like dental office that utilized technology to make her better and more efficient. The cornerstone of this technology was Sirona’s CEREC and Gaileos products. In 2011, the Vancouver Community awarded her the distinction of “Accomplished and Under 40 Class”. Dr. Aadland has been nominated by the Vancouver Business Journal as fastest growing businesses in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Dr. Aadland’s success is not by accident. She is constantly pushing the limits of CEREC technology with bridges, implants, orthodontics and her same day smile makeovers. This has all been made possible by the extensive continuing education that she does each year. As a Mentor for CEREC doctors, the forum and Scottsdale facility have also created a place for her to grow and refine her skills. Dr. Aadland travels extensively now for CEREC trainings and ACCEPT courses. Her passion and energy for CEREC is contagious.