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Creating an Aesthetic Posterior Restoration with Renamel BULKfill

Dr. Javier Quirós uses Renamel BULKfill to fill a posterior restoration quickly. The unique properties of BULKfill, and the addition of tints and opaque, create a natural-looking and esthetic result.

After etching, Dr. Quirós applied a bonding adhesive to the surface with a micro brush and cured it. Next, he places the matching Renamel BULKfill shade (in this case, A1.)

Dr. Quiros spread the BULKfill using the micro brush and started the sculpting process. An IPC instrument is used to start adding definition and detail. Dr. Quiros sculpted secondary and tertiary anatomy with the Posterior Occlusal Contouring instrument and used the flat #3 Brush to help finalize the restoration shape before curing. Dr. Quiros cured the BULKfill for at least 20 seconds with an LED light (40 seconds for Halogen).

To add detail, Dr. Quiros dabbed  Light Brown Creative Color Tint to the developmental grooves for added detail, and the tint was light-cured. He then applied small White Creative Color Opaquer dabs to the triangular ridges with a #1 Brush — light cure.

Polish with cup-shaped FlexiBrush to finish the restoration.

Designed for rapid, one-step placement, Renamel BULKfill rivals the speed of amalgam placement.  You can quickly sculpt and polish this composite to create esthetic posterior restorations that closely match the natural tooth structure.

Javier Quiros, DDS
About the AuthorDr. Javier Quirós

Dr. Quirós is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry and holds an Advanced Education in General Dentistry with a Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry. He concluded a Graduate Prosthodontics Program from the Texas A & M., Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Quirós teaches at Odontopolis Dental Training Institute, the Costa Rica Dental Association, and the Graduate Prosthodontics Department from the University of Costa Rica. He has presented numerous “hands on” courses, internationally and has a successful private practice, in San Jose, Costa Rica, which concentrates in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.