Advanced Composite Techniques Webinar Series Part I: Material Science, Smile Design and Mutilated Dentition

Credit Value 1 CE Credit

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Dr. Buddy Mopper Advanced Composite Techniques Webinar Part 1Overview: Material Science, Smile Design, and Mutilated Dentition

How far can you take composite bonding? Join Dr. Mopper on August 24 for the first of a series of webinars focused on advanced cases using composite. Dr. Buddy Mopper has close to 50 years of experience using composite resin. In his opinion, it is the most versatile and underused material in dentistry. In the first of this series of webinars focused on advanced cases, he will cover material science, smile design, and how to repair mutilated dentition with composite. Webinar objectives include:

  • How to differentiate composite materials and learn where each one fits in the bonding scenario
  • Basic principles of composite bonding techniques Smile design principles
  • How to repair mutilated dentition with composite