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RSVP Clear Impression Material

SKU: 505101


RSVP Clear Impression Material

SKU: 505101

Our RSVP Clear Impression Material by Cosmedent. Achieve exceptional clarity for accurate dental impressions. Elevate your practice with this advanced solution, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

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Product Overview

Our Clear impression material is great for mockups and temporaries. It is a part of an innovative restorative system that helps you fabricate esthetic temporary veneers in minutes. The RSVP system is comprised of two specially formulated microhybrid composite resins, RSVP-Light and RSVP-Heavy, and a polyvinyl siloxane matricing, RSVP-Matrix, which facilitates optimal placement, marginal adaptation, and a rapid and predictable esthetic outcome.


  • Clear impression material is great for mockups and temporaries
  • Hand sculpting to the cervical portion avoids gingival inflammation
  • Esthetically predictable & highly polishable
  • Reduces marginal flash
  • Prevents damage to the preparation
  • Accurately replicates case-specific contours
  • Cement-free retention without etching
  • Easy to remove

Indications for Use

  • Fabricating provisional veneers


What Doctors Are Saying

If you still prefer doing direct provisional veneers but want faster results, you will find this product and technique a useful addition to your restorative armamentarium.

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