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Mirrorimage Temporary Crown and Bridge

SKU: f565310e1245


Mirrorimage Temporary Crown and Bridge

SKU: f565310e1245
50 ml Cartridge 10:1


Experience superior esthetics and enhanced handling with our temporary crown and bridge material, setting a new standard for excellence in dental restorative procedures.


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Product Overview

Award Winning MirrorImage will help you create temporaries that look and feel like natural teeth. Cosmedent collaborated with dentists like yourself to develop MirrorImage. The result is an esthetic provisional material that you and your patients can be confident in. MirrorImage features faster working and setting times, easy trimming, natural fluorescence and a high polish.


  • Faster working and setting times
  • Trims easy
  • Polishes to a high shine
  • Minimal oxygen inhibited layer
  • Minimal exothermic Reaction
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • Natural fluorescence


Indications for Use

  • Single and multiple unit dental temporary restorations
  • Temporary Crown and Bridge
  • Temporary veneers
  • Short and Long-term temporization