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Marshall Hanson Bundle

SKU: 623000


Marshall Hanson Bundle

SKU: 623000
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Product Overview

Dr. Marshall Hanson is a rising star in composite dentistry and he has hand-picked this special bundle for you. Now you can easily work alongside Dr. Hanson in his brand new online composite veneer course. The Marshall Hanson bundle includes:
  • 1 Renamel NANO Plus SB2
  • 1 Pack Renamel NANO Plus Compules SB2
  • 1 Pack Renamel Microfill Compules SB2
  • 1 Pack Renamel Microfill Compules Light Incisal
  • 1 Flowable Microfill White
  • 1 Brush & Sculpt
  • 1 Pack Mini FlexiDiscs 5/8 Medium
  • 1 Light Brown Tint
  • 1 Grey Tint
  • 1 White Opaquer/Tint
  • 1 Pink Opaque
  • 1 Cosmedent Complete Unfilled Resin
This special bundle allows you to work at your own pace with Dr. Hanson and produce beautiful results with composite.

What Doctors Are Saying

This kit is a wonderful introduction to some terrific restorative materials, like Renamel Microfill, NANO, and Microhybrid composite resins. The package itself is ideal since it places everything you may need in an organized fashion right at your fingertips, or that of your chairside assistant, and a wonderful introduction to adhesive resin dentistry.

Dr. Howard Glazer
Dr. Howard Glazer

I developed the Renamel Restorative System to help take the guesswork out of composite bonding and help every dentist achieve consistently reliable results, case after case.

Bud Mopper DDS, MS
Bud Mopper DDS, MS

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