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Javier Quiros, DDS
Dr. Javier Quirós - Instructor
Mar 20-21 2025
16 CE Credits
Live In Person
Chicago, IL

Fuse Esthetics with Function for Better Smiles

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Composite Resin

Solve functional and esthetic problems in patients with full-mouth dental disabilities with composite resin.

Composite resin is the only material that you control, and it doesn’t control you!

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to restore a worn-down mouth.
  • Who needs a full-mouth rehab.
  • How to present a treatment plan for a full mouth rehab.
  • How to create a digital smile design.
  • How to restore a vertical dimension of occlusion.
  • How to transfer a full mouth wax up into a full mouth of veneers and onlays.
  • Doing it analog or digital.
  • How and why to use a semi-adjustable articulator.
  • How to take an intermaxillary record
  • Functional occlusion, – determine if you are restoring on CR, CO or MIP

Additional course objectives include:

  • When to use direct vs indirect restorations.
  • Ceramic vs composite – when and why.
  • How to incorporate composite resin veneers into a full-mouth scenario.
  • How to start, anteriors or posteriors
  • How to prep anterior and posterior teeth.
  • How to bond direct-indirect composite veneers and onlays.
  • How to fine adjust occlusion.
  • How to restore a full mouth in a TMJ-friendly way.
  • How to maintain and repair composite restorations.

Two Days of Hands-on Composite Exercises

Day 1

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan for full mouth rehabilitations – from digital to analog to articulator.
  • Learn how and why to use and take a Face Bow transfer
  • Centric Relation, Centric Occlusion, or Maximum Intercuspation?
  • Learn how to take a Centric Relation record
  • Learn how to do an intermaxillary record with the Lucia Jig and Leaf Gage technique
  • Learn how to ask your lab technician for an Esthetic wax-up vs. a Functional one.
  • Learn how to open Vertical Dimension of Occlusion by building and layering beautiful smiles with Composite Resin Veneers
Day 2

  • Learn how to transfer from Digital Smile Design to Wax Up to Composite Restorations with clear PVS matrices
  • Apply in a model the direct-indirect technique for composite onlays.
  • Opening Vertical Dimension of Occlusion with Posterior Composite Restorations
  • Restoring Functional Occlusion in worn-down dentitions.
  • Learn how to mount models and adjust a semi-adjustable articulator
  • Each participant will work in a semi-adjustable articulator!
Javier Quiros, DDS

Meet the Instructor

Javier Quirós, DDS

Dr. Quirós is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry and holds an Advanced Education in General Dentistry with a Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry. He concluded a Graduate Prosthodontics Program from the Texas A & M., Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Quirós teaches at Odontopolis Dental Training Institute, the Costa Rica Dental Association, and the Graduate Prosthodontics Department from the University of Costa Rica. He has presented numerous “hands on” courses, internationally and has a successful private practice, in San Jose, Costa Rica, which concentrates in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.