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Creative Color Dental Opaquer

SKU: 491c645a6ae4


Creative Color Dental Opaquer

SKU: 491c645a6ae4
2.5 gram syringe


Block unwanted color and shine-through in your composite restorations.


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Product Overview

Creative Color Dental Opaquer have been the industry standard for the last 27 years, and no dental composite system is complete without them. They help you create invisible restorations by blocking out areas that are too translucent, masking unwanted under-color, and creating effects on your composite resin material such as white spots and hypoplasia.



  • Blocks unwanted color and translucent shine-through
  • Color blends invisibly into your dental composite material
  • Unique viscosity that is easy to manipulate and control
  • Microfill based dental composite for the higher esthetics
  • Shades cover the entire VITA Shade range

Indications for Use

  • To increase value or brightness
  • Create opacity to block-out translucent shine-through
  • Block out undesirable color of tooth structure while color blending naturally into your restoration
  • Create surface characterization such as hypoplasia and check lines
  • Color change dental composite restorations

What Doctors Are Saying

Cosmedent is the acknowledged leader when it comes to a comprehensive approach to color modification…It’s hard to beat Creative Color.

Dental Evaluation

Wide range of Vita opaquers combined with realistic tints, syringe delivery and an excellent technique manual.


A magical product. If there is one product everyone should have it is Cosmedent’s Pink Opaque.

Corky Willhite, D.D.S.
Corky Willhite, D.D.S.

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