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SKU: 624302



SKU: 624302
5 ml Syringe

Dual-Cure & translucent temporary crown cement

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Product Overview

Connect – Temporary Crown Cement

CONNECT is a dual-cure, temporary resin cement with an optimized translucency for your esthetic temporaries. It is easy to apply and easy to cleanup. CONNECT has a slight controlled expansion creating a good long-lasting seal for your temporary. It comes in a convenient automix delivery.


  • Optimized Translucency
  • Dual-Cure
  • Easy to Apply & Remove
  • Fast Cleanup
  • Non-Eugenol
  • Longer-lasting

Indications for Use

  • Temporary resin cement that is suitable for cementing your temporary crowns and bridge as well as for trial cementation of permanent restorations.

Product Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmedent CONNECT

Cosmedent understands choosing the right dental products is crucial for your practice. To assist you in making an informed choice about Cosmedent CONNECT Temporary Crown Cement, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Cosmedent Customer Care at 800-621-6729.

Why Choose Cosmedent CONNECT Temporary Crown Cement Over Other Options?

CONNECT from Cosmedent is not your typical crown cement. Many dental professionals trust it thanks to its versatility. CONNECT offers versatility through its dual-cure formula. Whether you prefer light-curing or self-curing, this temporary resin cement adapts to your clinical needs.

Also, Cosmedent CONNECT is engineered with an optimized level of translucency, making it an ideal choice for esthetic anterior temporaries. It also has a slight controlled expansion, creating a good, long-lasting seal for your temporary. Plus, Cosmedent CONNECT has a very easy-to-use automated delivery system, ensuring precise and consistent application, saving valuable chairside time. Cleanup is equally effortless, contributing to improved overall efficiency in your practice.

Our crown cement is also your best bet to enhance patient comfort. CONNECT is formulated without eugenol, minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or sensitivities in patients.

What are some Common Use Cases for Cosmedent CONNECT Temporary Crown Cement?

CONNECT can elevate your clinical experience and patient satisfaction by allowing you to address various clinical needs. Below are some of the use cases where Cosmedent CONNECT excels:

  • Temporary crown and bridge cementation
  • Trial cementation of permanent restorations
  • Temporary Veneer cementation 

How Do I Apply and Remove Cosmedent CONNECT?

Cosmedent CONNECT is designed for ease of use. The automix delivery system simplifies the application process, ensuring precise and consistent cementation. Follow standard procedures for temporary cement removal. If needed, consult the product instructions for specific guidance. 

Can Cosmedent CONNECT be Used With All Types of Temporary Crown and Bridge Materials?

Cosmedent CONNECT is compatible with various temporary crown and bridge materials. But for the best results, it is recommended to use it with Cosmedent’s temporary crown and bridge materials, which are designed to work seamlessly together.

Is CONNECT Compatible With All Types of Temporary Restorations?

Cosmedent CONNECT is compatible with many temporary restorations, including temporary crowns, bridges, and veneers. Whether working with single-unit temporaries or multi-unit bridges, CONNECT provides secure and durable cementation.

I like the fact that Connect is dual-cure and translucent for increased esthetics. I use it if I need maximum retention on short preps.

Dr. Bob Margeas
Dr. Bob Margeas