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Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst

SKU: 654103


Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst

SKU: 654103
3ml bottle

Mix our dual-cure catalyst with your primer for indirect restorations.

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Product Overview

The Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst (black cap) should be added to the Complete Primer (red cap) and mixed thoroughly to give you a dual-cure primer and adhesive system for indirect procedures. Complete gives you uncompromising bond strength, minimal film thickness, virtually zero patient sensitivity and a comprehensive set of instructions to help guide you through all of your bonding needs.


  • High Bond Strength
  • New bottles feature easy delivery and less mess
  • Fool-proof instructions guide you through all your bonding applications
  • Minimal film thickness
  • Long-lasting adhesion yields higher quality results
  • Virtually zero sensitivity

Indications for Use

1)  Cementation of extra opaque inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers
2)  Dual cure core buildup procedures
2)  Anyplace where operator needs continuous curing to achieve optimum bond strength

What Doctors Are Saying

This new universal adhesive system is on par with the gold standard.

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