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Rhodri Thomas, BDS
Dr. Rhodri Thomas - Instructor
Mar 14-15 2024
16 CE Credits
Live In Person
Chicago, IL

Channel Nature to Create Better Dental Restorations

The Art of Resin: Creating Beauty by Recreating Nature


This hands-on course will prepare you to create long-lasting and more aesthetic composite restorations.

Two Days of Workshops

This hands-on course will immerse attendees into the world of composite resins!

Day 1

  • Anatomy of anterior teeth – morphology (transitional and incisal line angles, embrasures, developmental grooves, light-reflected areas, and light-deflected areas)
  • An appreciation of the beauty of nature
  • Understanding 3D volume control
  • Optical and mechanical principles of composite resins
  • Different matrix options and contact point techniques
  • Finishing and Polishing protocol masterclass (macrotexture and microtexture)
  • Important factors for the longevity of composite
  • Simple Class IV (understanding the bevel, simple layering protocol)
  • Natural Class IV incisor – upper central incisor (reproducing halos, translucency, incisal effects, lifelike results)
Day 2

  • Advanced clinical cases
  • Cervical management to achieve periodontal health
  • Masking dark substrates
  • Use of opaquers and tints
  • Maintaining composite resins long-term
  • Importance of occlusion and planning for success
  • Mature Direct veneer
  • Youthful Direct veneer
  • Advanced techniques to achieve a polychromatic effect, create halos, craze lines, internal nuances, appreciate different dentine and enamel optics, multi-unit tooth build-up

This course has not only changed the way I perform my composites but the way I will approach all of my dentistry. I have never felt more inspired to go to work on Monday! This was a GAME CHANGER

Course participant

The attention to detail and videos were MIND-BLOWING. This is what happens when an artist creates a course!
A must for all dentists!

Course participant

Rhodri is an artistic master whos enthusiasm shines through during the course. He makes you realise that you can achieve excellent restorations with easy and reproducible approaches. Highly recommend!

Course participant

What Makes this Course Special?

  • Maximum hands-on experience
  • Exclusive access to post-course online training videos
  • Exclusive access to post-course support group
  • Clinical exercises on at least 4 different teeth
  • Unique 3D anatomy learning
  • Full exploration into what we can achieve with the Renamel system
Rhodri Thomas, BDS

Meet the Instructor

Rhodri Thomas

Undeniably committed to his career, Rhodri believes it is his background as an artist that has spurred on his love of esthetic dentistry. As a landscape painter, his eye for color and composition transfers from the canvas into his dental work, recreating the natural landscapes of the mouth. Rhodri lectures and teaches internationally on the subject of esthetics, presenting at conferences or running courses across the globe, and publishes articles in leading dental magazines. He has gone on to be three times winner of Best Young Dentist at British Dentistry Awards alongside a national award for his research. He was the instructor for a worldwide online composite course and is now founder of The Art of Dentistry courses and co-founder of Art2aesthetics a new series of unique training programs and esthetic-based training courses for dentists. He believes every clinician has a natural creative ability inside of them and enjoys nothing more than helping to ignite it.