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SKU: 0eb9d1a079b5



SKU: 0eb9d1a079b5
2 ml syringe


Flowable correction material for your temporary crown and bridge material.


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Product Overview

ADJUST is our flowable temporary crown and bridge correction material. It will help you quickly repair voids, seal margins and make adjustments to your temporary crown and bridge material. It has an easy to apply flowable consistency that color blends beautifully into your temporary material for invisible restorations.


  • Perfectly matched to MirrorImage shades
  • Easy to apply, shape and polish
  • Compatible with all bisacryl provisionals
  • Natural Fluorescence
  • Methyl methacrylate free

Indications for Use

  • This flowable composite can be used to make corrections on provisional restorations.
  • Repair of temporary crown and bridge materials made from bis-acryl materials.

Product Documentation

ADJUST has the handling and esthetic characteristics that make it an excellent material to repair or modify temporary restorations. I really like the compatibility of ADJUST to bisacryl provisional materials and the highly polished appearance it provides.

Dr. David Chan
Dr. David Chan