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SKU: 624301



SKU: 624301
5 ml Syringe

Non-eugenol temporary crown adhesive and bridge cement featuring quick delivery and easy cleanup.

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Product Overview

Adhere: Temporary Crown Adhesive & Dental Bridge Cement

ADHERE  is an automix temporary crown adhesive & dental bridge cement featuring easy cleanup, a low film thickness, high compressive strength, fast removal and optimized adhesion. This eugenol-free, Zinc Oxide based temporary cement has an excellent fit and is the perfect choice for cementing in your temporary crown and bridge material.


  • Eugenol free
  • Low film thickness
  • Optimized adhesion
  • Excellent fit
  • Easy removal
  • Convenient Automix

Indications for Use

  • Use to cement in your temporary crown and bridge material
  • trial cementation of permanent restorations

Directions for Use

Adhere™ is an automix non-eugenol temporary crown and bridge cement suitable for cementing temporary
crowns or bridges as well as for trial cementation of permanent restorations. It shows excellent adhesion to
temporary crown and bridge materials, but it can easily be removed from prepared teeth. Adhere is delivered in
convenient small automix syringes making it easy to work with. Due to its non-eugenol formulation it does not
influence the setting of resin-based filling and luting materials. The temporary crown and bridge cement is based
on ZnO/organic acids. Especially in cases of allergies to eugenol it is strongly recommended to use this eugenolfree type of cement.

Temporary Crown Adhesive Application

Preparing the automix syringe

Remove the cap of the automix syringe and throw it away (do not use it again.) Replace cap with a special 1:1 mixing cannula. Turn the cannula 90° until it locks in position. The material is now ready for application.

Note: Discard the first 2-3 mm of the extruded material. This must be done for each new mix. Store used syringe with fixed used mixing cannula.


Adhere can be applied directly into the temporary crown or bridge under slight pressure from the mixing cannula. Apply a thin layer to the inside of the temporary crown or bridge material and seat cautiously but firmly over the prepared tooth structures (11/2 minutes working time).

Note: Do not dry prepared teeth completely. A slightly moist surface facilitates the removal of your temporary crown or bridge material later on.

Adhere sets in the mouth within 2-3 minutes. Once

Adhere has set, remove any excess.

Product Documentation

Great product! ADHERE stays on and removes easily.

Dr. Bob Margeas
Dr. Bob Margeas