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Dentapreg PFM (Ideal for Anterior Bridge)


Fiber Reinforcement Material

Dentapreg PFM
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Dentapreg PFM (Ideal for Anterior Bridge)


Fiber Reinforcement Material

$194.60 3 Strips

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These braided strips are designed for single-visit direct anterior bridges. The strip is placed on the lingual surface of the neighboring teeth; the pontic is built around it from composite or a denture or the original tooth is used. The PFM Strip is ideal for emergency cases, congenitally missing laterals, and during implant healing period.
Package content:
3 strips (each 3 mm wide, 0.3 mm thick, and 60 mm long) and a light protection box.


Easy to apply

The strips have low shape memory and are therefore easy to shape; strips are pre-impregnated with resin that is compatible with all light-curing composites; no special materials or instruments are needed

Outstanding esthetics

Very thin and narrow strips blend in with the surrounding composite

Safe, reliable and conservative

No need to prep the teeth and remove healthy tooth structure

Cost efficient

The strips are very fast and easy to work with and therefore save dentist’s time


Dentapreg® PFM
Indications for Use:
  • short-term provisionals
  • temporization during healing phase of the implant treatment
  • short to long-term temporaries to postpone the final treatment
  • anterior bridge combined with splint


Dentapreg® PFM

What Doctors Are Saying...

Gottlieb Quote
Marc Gottlieb, DDS

"I find that fibre reinforced splints and bridges are very successful. I prefer Dentapreg over Ribbond because it is easier cut and trim. It also offers a variety of sizes to meet my needs."