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Renamel NANO Plus Starter Kit


Our newest Dental Composite has arrived!

Renamel NANO Plus dental composite Starter Kit

Renamel NANO Plus Starter Kit


Our newest Dental Composite has arrived!

$565.10 - $578.45

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New Renamel NANO Plus has arrived and it's incredible! Our Renamel NANO Plus Starter Kit is a great way for you to try our newest dental composite at a nice cost savings. This kit comes with our 5 most popular Renamel NANO Plus shades of A1, A2, A3, B-Zero and Medium Incisal, and is conveniently available in both unit dose or syringe delivery. For a go-to composite that you can trust to give you the best results, Try Renamel NANO Plus.


  • Incredible handling - Absolutely no stick and no slump, not even when heated, amazing!
  • Outstanding strength and unsurpassed wear-resistance - perfect for both anterior and posterior composite restorations.
  • Polishes better than any nanofill/nanohybrid on the market.
  • Most simple shade matching available - We are the only ones that match composite to porcelain and natural tooth structure. A no-brainer!
  • Colors are reliable - our shades perfectly match the classic VITA shade guide on the money so you don't have to guess shades or mix colors, easy!


Renamel NANO Plus Composite has the following indications for use:
  • Class 1 - Class V composite dental restorations
  • Direct veneering of anterior teeth
  • Splinting repair of composite or ceramic restorations
  • Anterior and posterior composite restorations


Renamel NANO Plus Universal Dental Composite



What Doctors Are Saying...

WEB HEADSHOT Hartlieb (2)
Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

"I have been using Cosmedent's NanoPlus for the past month and am thrilled with the handling and the polishability of the composite. There is no stickiness and the Nano stays where you put it without pull back. A great complement to the Renamel system - use either by itself or layer with the Renamel Microfill for ultimate esthetics."

Dr. Arthur Volker

"Thank you! Extremely pleased with the handling and optical properties of Renamel NANO Plus."

Dr. David Austin

"This composite is awesome! Easy to handle, strong, and finishes beautifully. I am loving it. "

Dr. Davina Detrik

"The NANO Plus is a dream!!! We are obsessed with it!!!"