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Renamel Microfill SuperBrite Kit


Award Winning Microfill in ultra-white shades

Renamel Microfill Dental Composite SuperBrite Kit
Renamel Microfill Dental Composite Case Bud Mopper
Renamel Microfill Dental Composite Case Bob Margeas

Renamel Microfill SuperBrite Kit


Award Winning Microfill in ultra-white shades

$582.00 Each
Unique from Cosmedent

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Our Renamel Microfill Superbrite kit is the perfect option if you have patients that desire ultra white composite veneers. Included in this kit are shades SB1, SB2, SB3, White and Incisal Light. Renamel Microfill Superbrite shades correspond to OM1, OM2 and OM3 in the VITA shade guide.  


  • Superbrite Shades match OM1, OM2 and OM3 in the Vita Shade guide
  • Long-term wear resistance
  • Total color stability over time
  • The only composite that mimics the enamel surface
  • Polishes to an enamel-like luster with a polish that lasts long-term
  • Resists stain and plaque accumulation
  • Most lifelike translucence of all composites


  • Use anywhere you want to replicate enamel anteriorly or facially
  • Helps you recreates the enamel layer in Class III, IV and Class V restorations
  • Restorations where esthetics are a primary concern
  • Quick and easy composite repairs
  • Diastema closure
  • Hand sculpted veneers
  • Ideal material for abfraction lesions


Renamel SuperBrite Case


Renamel Microfill Dental Composite Resin - Instructions for Use

Product Review Dr. Elliot Mechanic

What Doctors Are Saying...

WEB HEADSHOT Willhite (2)
Corky Willhite, D.D.S.

"For ultimate esthetics, nothing beats Renamel Microfill. For a composite that handles beautifully, has a natural translucency, polishes to an amazing shine and is color stable for many years…choose Renamel Microfill."

Dr. Bud Mopper, Developer of Renamel Microfill

"For any restoration if you want the best polishability, the best lifelike luster of a natural tooth, the best refractive and reflective index, the best long-term maintenance over time with the least wear, and the best simulation of natural tooth structure, then Renamel Microfill is King. "

WEB HEADSHOT Margeas (2)
Dr. Bob Margeas

"With Microfilled resins, margins are more easily defined, finished and polished, making them more stain and plaque resistant and less subject to breakdown over the long-term. "


"The flagship product from Cosmedent and the only 3 time winner of Product of the Year Award is the standard against which all other non-reinforced microfills are compared. "

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