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Restorative Technique - Color Change Veneer


This patient wished to remove unsightly grey tetracycline stains. After preparation, the tooth is etched and the bonding agent is placed in thin layers. Creative Color Pink Opaque (Cosmedent) is brushed on areas to be neutralized and cured for 20 seconds. The nanofill or microhybrid composite is applied in a paper thin layer. In this particular case Renamel Microhybrid was used because more opacity was desired.

After the placement of the microhybrid composite the tooth was rechecked for correct opacity. If more opacity is desired, place a small amount of opaque (the same shade as your composite) and brush it gently on darker areas to increase value. The opaque is polymerized and then overlayed with a microfill (same shade as the microhybrid and opaque) to replicate the enamel surface. Cure for 60 seconds and finish and polish. Once you are finished polishing you may start working on the second tooth. Repeat steps from the beginning.


List of materials:Color Change Veneer

- Pink Opaque
- Cosmedent Brushes
- Renamel Microhybrid
- Renamel Microfill
- Cosmedent Composite Instruments
- Cosmedent Flexidisc System
- Enamelize Polishing Paste