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Dr Mohammad

 Customer Spotlight - Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji

This young man suffered from a car accident injury three years ago. He was referred by his pediatric dentist for an endodontic evaluation on tooth #8 and #9 and indications for the need of endodontic treatment were present on tooth #8.

Three years later, patient presented the following conditions: tooth #8 had root canal and is asymptomatic, with no pain or evident radiolucency. Tooth #9, is asymptomatic and has no evidence or need of endodontic treatment at this point. Both teeth had large fractures restored by composite build-up at the time of injury. Patient’s main concern was the esthetics of his anterior teeth due to chipping and discoloration. Patient and his parents were looking for more natural, durable and esthetically pleasing restorations.


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Tooth #8 Porcelain Veneer (root canal/dark prep)
Tooth #9 Porcelain Veneer

Restorative material used:
IPS EMax (Ivoclar Vivdent)

Adhesive system:
Insure Universal Cementation system by Cosmedent (learn more)
G-Bond by GC America

During the try-in visit for the ceramic veneers we checked for marginal fit, proximal adaptation different try-in gel colors were used to identify the resin cement color that will be used for final cement (Prevue water-soluble, try-in gel system by Cosmedent). We tried the following shades of try-in gel; clear, opaque, red-yellow, opaque-pink. After visual comparisons and taking photos to evaluate the best match we (patient, lab technician and myself) we all agreed the best color was clear on # 9 , and pink-opaque on #8. The pink/opaque was able to assist in blacking out the darker underlying tooth structure and it was observed that it reflects the same chroma and value, which complements the vital natural look of the patient’s adjacent teeth. After, we removed the veneers and washed the teeth with water, and proceeded with final cementation.

Feature Case After

"I was able to bond two restorations with porcelain indirect bonded restorations that appear natural, mimic the surrounding characterizations and restoring the teeth to their original esthetics and function. The patient was thrilled to see his smile transformed, and so were his parents." -  Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji

"This case was a great case to be able to see chair side, a wonderful example to see firsthand how the Insure kit can really make a difficult case easy. I noticed how well the try in gels and the final cements match perfectly, so it takes the guess work out and you get a predictable, excellent result." - Laura Kelly, LK Dental Studio


Contact Information

Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji,
AACD Accreditation Candidate
Mona Lisa Smile
3124 Crow Canyon
San Ramon, CA

Laura Kelly, AACD Accredited Technician
LK Dental Studio
3420 Fostoria Way
Suite G202
San Ramon, Ca 94583