Composite Power: Versatility Unsurpassed (Part 2)

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1-Hour FREE Webinar – Part 2

Dr. Bud Mopper—a pioneer in composite bonding and developer of the Renamel restorative System—presents an exclusive 4-part free webinar series in which you will learn the power and versatility of composite bonding.

Dr. Mopper draws on his 50 years of experience with composite to share his unique philosophy and valuable insights on how to get longer-lasting and esthetic results with composite.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Different composite materials and their uses in the bonding scenario
  • Easy to follow techniques to get the most out of your composite in any restorative situation
  • How composite can help increase office revenues and offer more affordable options in your practice
  • Advanced techniques such as tetracycline stains, mutilated dentition, occlusal augmentation and more
  • Answers to many commonly asked questions