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Live Webinar: Recreating Nature With Resin


Live Webinar: Recreating Nature With Resin

March 28, 2023
Live Webinars
1 CE Credit
March 28, 2023 at 12pm CST

Course Overview

On March 28th at 12pm CST,  Dr. Rhodri Thomas will show you how to recreate nature with composite resin in this FREE CE-accredited webinar.

Webinar learning objectives include:

  • Planning your cases
  • Understanding nature and how this influences our choice of resin
  • Learning how to rebuild Class IVs, peg laterals, Class Vs, and direct veneers
  • Discovering techniques for perfecting your polish

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  • Rhodri Thomas, BDS, graduated with Honors from Cardiff University. His background as an artist spurred his love of aesthetic dentistry, and he now dedicates his work towards truly blending dentistry into nature with his clinical focus on advanced aesthetic restorative

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