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SKU: 901309



SKU: 901309
12 Posts

These thin and slightly flexible posts are fast and easy to use

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Product Overview

PINPosts bring a new solution to minimally invasive, fast and risk-free crown retention. They are ideal for restoring the tooth after endodontic treatment and they can also help you rebuild a fractured vital tooth. PINPosts are very thin allowing you to use multiple pins per canal if necessary. They conform to the curvature of the root canal so there is no need to remove healthy tissue and the risk of root fracture is minimized. You will find that PINPosts are fast and easy to use.


  • Ideal for crown retention of endodontically treated teeth or as pins to rebuild a vital fractured tooth.
  • Firm yet slightly flexible pins conform to the curvature of the root canal.
  • Minimally invasive and less risk of root fracture.
  • Very thin – only 0.45 mm in diameter.
  • Can use multiple pins per canal depending on its width.