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SKU: 902101



SKU: 902101

This unique specialty product protects the gingival tissue while eliminating patient sensitivity.

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Product Overview

GINGA-Guard protects the gingival tissue so your patients will be pain free! This light-cure resin dam material prevents damage or injury of the gingival tissue, adjacent tooth structure, or porcelain restorations that can occur during power bleaching, micro abrasion or from the application of hydrofluoric acid. GINGA-Guard virtually eliminates patient sensitivity and is easy to remove due to its high flexibility and non-sticky chemistry.


  • Prevents damage to the gingival tissue
  • Virtually eliminates patient sensitivity
  • The first completely painless resin dam
  • Easy application with control and no slump
  • Can be placed in one layer
  • Highly flexible and easy to remove
  • Non-stick chemistry
  • Prevents damage to or injury of the gingival tissue, tooth structure or porcelain restoration

Indications for Use

  • Protecting the gingival tissue during power bleaching.
  • Protecting adjacent tooth structure or the surrounding restorations during etching with micro etchants or phosphoric acid.

GingaGuard is clinically and patient-friendly. My patients really like GingaGuard because it is so much more comfortable than a rubber dam.

Dr. Charlie Cox

New GINGAGuard is a fabulous material. No exothermic curing and ideally flexible. This is a winner and one of my top 20 product picks.

Dr. Raymond Bertolotti