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Direct Resin in the Anterior Dentition: Approaching the Complex Case — June 30 – July 1, 2023


Direct Resin in the Anterior Dentition: Approaching the Complex Case — June 30 – July 1, 2023

June 30-1, 2023
Live In Person
Chicago, IL
16 CE Credits

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Course Overview

Jason Smithson, BDS

Instructor Jason Smithson, BDS

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8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Treat a discolored lateral, a peg lateral, a Class IV, and close a diastema in one arch simultaneously: a real-life clinical scenario. In this highly interactive class, 75% of your time will be spent working hands-on.

This Master Class allows the experienced practitioner to confidently approach and create a treatment plan for more challenging anterior cases with direct resin with the combination of opaquers, artistic tints, and advanced matrixing techniques.

Hands-On Component:
In this highly practical class, all aspects will be covered on a single typodont model in a user-friendly manner, which is applicable to the general practitioner and specialist alike. Dr. Smithson throughout will carry out each exercise in a stage-by-stage Follow the Leader fashion with close support. The approach is casual, and delegates are encouraged to ask questions as they work.

Jason Smithson Class IV Before After  

Course objectives

  • The Resin Veneer for the discolored tooth (lateral incisor)
  • Diastema closure (central Incisors)
  • The Peg Lateral Incisor
  • The Class IV with advanced characterization: crack lines, hypocalcifications, and opalescence


DAY 1 am

  • Presentation: A simplified approach to the Class IV. Understand translucency, opacity, opalescence, and maverick effects. How to polish so that your resin mimics natural enamel.
  • Hands-On: The complex class IV with diastema closure

DAY 1 pm

  • Presentation: Managing the diastema. Treatment planning diastema closure, simple approaches to diastema closure avoiding midline cants and overhangs.
  • Hands-On: The diastema closure continued.

DAY 2 am

  • Presentation: Management of the discolored tooth with direct resin. Understanding and using opaques. Two approaches: natural layering and a simplified approach.
  • Hands-On: Masking discoloration in a lateral incisor.

DAY 2 pm

  • Presentation:  Management of the peg lateral with direct resin. Treatment planning, prep design, matrixing, layering, and polishing
  • Hands-On: The peg lateral.

** If you are interested in a payment plan or have questions about the course, please contact Erika Heier at (800)-837-2321 or email [email protected]


  • Qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1995; achieving a number of awards including The Constance Klein Memorial, The Stafford Millar, and The Malcolm Jenkins Scholarships, The American Association of Endodontics Prize and the Overall Award for Clinical Dentistry. After

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