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Composite Bonding For Smile Makeovers: Designed for Accreditation Case Type 5


Composite Bonding For Smile Makeovers: Designed for Accreditation Case Type 5

October 5-7, 2023
Live In Person
Chicago, IL
23 CE Credits

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Course Overview


Instructor Corky Willhite, DDS, FAACD

AGD Codes: coming soon

Thursday and Friday  – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm & Saturday – 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Many smile makeovers can be accomplished with composite and if the doctor has learned the skills, this can be a great option for patients. Conserving almost all of the tooth structure is a big advantage of using composite. The longevity of composite bonding can be 10 years or more, and it is easier to repair or modify than ceramic restorations.

Many patients can’t afford porcelain veneers and it’s great to give patients a less expensive choice. These restorations can look as good as porcelain, and Transitional Bonding is a more basic option that can save patients even more. And function doesn’t have to be compromised since composite can withstand normal occlusal forces just like ceramic and natural teeth. For members of the AACD, this course is designed specifically to help with the challenges of the “six or more direct resin veneers” case—arguably the toughest of all the Accreditation case types.


Although no course can guarantee passing Accreditation, this course will cover Case Type 5 from case selection to completion. Not only should that increase your chances of success with your Accreditation case, but should help you satisfy any demanding patient who wants the most conservative cosmetic dentistry available.


General Objectives:

  • How to provide solutions for common problems (such as severe wear)
  • Why porcelain isn’t always the best option…even in non-compliant patients
  • Learn practical smile design principles for incredibly efficient treatment planning
  • Practical occlusal principles for maximizing longevity
  • Learn a technique requiring minimal prep and how to layer materials for life-like effects
  • Understand tooth topography-specific key contours for anterior teeth that are critical for success
  • Acquire the skill to achieve advanced surface characterization and an enamel-like polish
  • Verbal skills to motivate patients to say “Yes!”
  • How to evolve your practice to be insurance independent

Accreditation Related Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for managing Accreditation patients and reducing appointment time
  • Case selection: recognize which cases work best and how to find those patients
  • Step-by-step procedure for individual tooth changes (color change, Class IV’s, and more)

Day 1

  • Introduction and materials comparison; strategy for smile makeover cases
  • Smile design and treatment planning
  • Tooth topography
  • Diagnostic wax-up (lab Rx, cosmetic preview imaging to draw diagram)
  • Gingival options (instructions to periodontist)
  • Hands-on exercises for material comparison, contouring technique, and template (putty stent) fabrication
  • Hands-on exercise for smile design

Day 2

  • Layering technique for ultimate esthetics bonding
  • Diastema closure
  • Invisible margins
  • Creating ideal proximal contacts
  • Hands-on exercise continued for lingual and incisal surfaces using template (putty stent), also invisible margins, and creating ideal proximal contacts, contouring, and polishing
  • Template technique for transitional bonding of multiple teeth
  • Hands-on exercise started for lingual and incisal surfaces using template (putty stent)

Day 3

  • Occlusion—practical guidelines for lengthening teeth and increasing anterior guidance as well as increasing VDO with a simple, inexpensive composite technique; composite repairs
  • Hands-on exercise to increase VDO
  • Technique for “upgrading” from transitional bonding to ultimate esthetics; advanced surface effects
  • Hands-on exercise for advanced surface effects

** If you are interested in a payment plan or have questions about the course, please contact Erika Heier at (800)-837-2321 or email


  • Dr. Corky Willhite has achieved Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry, the American College of Dentists, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is one of less than 100 Accredited Fellows in the AACD worldwide. He has served

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