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Catch the Composite Wave – October 21


Catch the Composite Wave – October 21

October 21, 2022
Live In Person
Gleacher Center 450 Cityfront Plaza Dr, Room 100, Chicago, IL 60611
7 CE Credits

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Course Overview

Join Dr. Mopper & Dr. Quiros for their upcoming course, 3 P’s of Composite: Potential, Predictability and Profitability – June 8-9, 2023

Instructor Bud Mopper DDS, FAACD

AGD Codes: 250 and 780
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Join Dr. Mopper this October for this special lecture course – Catch the Composite Wave.  Dr. Mopper is one of the world’s foremost authorities on composites and composite techniques.  Working with composites and lecturing around the world for 45 years has taught Dr. Mopper many things, from the biggest concepts to the smallest details, and he is ready to share ALL OF IT with you.

True aesthetics with the use of direct composite resin can be achieved only if one understands how to use these materials and can master the technology involved. Dr. Mopper’s presentation will show you how to evaluate, select and use today’s materials to their best advantage and cut your learning experience by 15 years. These materials include: Microfills, Microhybrids, Nanofills, Opaquers and Tints. He not only shows results, but how he gets there, in a stepwise succinct fashion.

When done properly, creative bonding can literally change your life as well as your patient’s lives. The total result will overwhelm you.

Course Curriculum:

  • Use direct composite resin materials available today to their best advantages. These materials include Microfills, Microhybrids, and Nanofills.
  • Make Class III, IV and V restorations totally “invisible”
  • Close diastemas, incisal edge reinforcement, step-by-step canine rise, and veneering techniques of all types
  • Use opaquers and tints to scatter and block light, change color, create opacity and translucency, and increase and decrease value
  • Advanced techniques with composite – Tetracycline stains, mutilated dentition, resin retained bridge & full bonded crown, occlusal augmentation, lingual veneering, and cleft palate.
  • Contour, characterize, and finish final restorations to make them believable and compatible with the soft tissue
  • Properly polish restorations to acquire  a long-lasting, easily maintainable enamel like luster
  • Create the most lifelike, aesthetic, and truly believable restorations possible
  • Make invisible repairs of all kinds on resin, porcelain or metal
  • Accurately diagnose aesthetic needs
  • Learn a philosophy of practice and communication that allows the patient to understand and easily accept proposed treatment plans.
  • Learn how to replace the physical tedium of dentistry with tremendous joy. It may change your attitude toward your professional dental experience!

*Includes breakfast & lunch


  • Dr. Bud Mopper has built an international reputation for his pioneer leadership in direct resin bonding.  He practiced minimally invasive dentistry with composite for over 45 years. He is a renowned lecturer in esthetic dentistry. He co-authored, A Complete Guide

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May I introduce you to the person I call the “King of Composite”. Dr. Bud Mopper is a person as knowledgeable in both the science and technique of resin-based composite as an person on the earth. Buddy has pioneered the art and science of these materials since their inception. The premium products and pragmatic techniques he has produced are known around the world. Additionally, he is a wonderful and personable speaker. You will enjoy Buddy and his message.

Gordon ChristensenDDS, MSD, PhD

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