From Good to Great in Anterior Composite Restorations: The Devil's in the Details


Class Summary

Composite bonding is an art form like any other, that involves attention to detail. We’ll start our experience in the 2-dimensional world and then take it to the 3-D world of contour, color and creativity. Spend two days learning to see teeth differently, and at a unique depth of detail taught by few. Through the use of 10 exercises, each participant will build on skills of seeing, understanding, and implementation. No matter your skill level, this course promises to enhance your level of composite artistry.

Learn how to attain unparalleled composite results using Dr. LeSage’s 3D Characterized Layering Technique as published in a 19 page chapter in the Dental Clinics of North America 2007. This technique, when done following along with Dr. LeSage on a highly specialized typodont, will assure each participant can attain highly esthetic outcomes. Prove to yourself you have the skills to fabricate restorations that rival even the most skilled master ceramists. I hope you will accept the composite challenge. Come join us!

  1. Principles to understand in contour and color to achieve predictable composite artistry
  2. Apply the steps necessary to build in polychromicity, translucency and maverick coloring
  3. Learn finishing and polishing techniques to attain the appropriate luster and a seamless composite restoration

Day 1

  • Lecture:
  1. Introduction to composite materials
  2. Micro-esthetic principles for composite artistry
  3. Simple layering techniques
  • Hands-on:
  1. Drawing Exercise 2D & 3D, and frontal view
  2. Full contour tooth
  3. Class IV fracture – free hand
  • Lecture:
  1. Layering- 3D characterized layering system*
  2. Lecture and Video on Finishing and Polishing
  • Hands-on:
  1. Full veneer to build in polychromicity
  2. Class IV fracture using putty matrix

Day 2

  • Lecture:
  1. Review principle of Day #1
  2. Lecture on Color and Color Mapping
  • Hands-on:
  1. Drawing Exercise 2D & 3D, and frontal view
  2. . Dark Tooth exercise
  3. Special Typodont- Mirror exercise of teeth #6, 7, 8 contour & color
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Day 1 - 8am to 5pm
Day 2 - 8am to 5pm




401 N. Michigan Ave, Ste. 2500
Chicago, IL 60611

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Additional Information

Dr. Brian LeSage

Brian LeSage
Dr. LeSage practices in Beverly Hills, CA and is the founder and director of UCLA Aesthetic Continuum as well as the founder and director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics. He is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and presided as the AACD Fellowship Chair from 2004-2013. Dr. LeSage is also a Fellow Member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the Pre-Clinical Director of CAD/CAM at the UCLA School of Dentistry.