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"I always wanted to give my patients their smiles back.

Initially, I thought my job was to cut teeth and that my lab technician would save face by designing and producing a perfect smile in porcelain. Yet that didn’t work out too well either, and for years I was making white unattractive smiles.

My second attempt was to build incisal edges with composite resin, create more space, make an impression, and let the lab tech fabricate a very thin porcelain veneer over my own smile design. Nonetheless, this turned out to be very laborious and expensive.

Third try was the charm. With a direct-indirect technique, a wax-up and a mock-up procedure in one appointment, I built incisal edges with microhybrid composite and ultimately created exquisite composite resin veneers with microfill composite.

Today, we produce more than one hundred beautiful composite veneers per month and design dozens of smiles." Dr. Javier Quiros

Take a journey with Dr. Javier Quiros into this wonderful world of Composite Resin Veneers and learn how to create beautiful long lasting smiles.

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Start making a lasting impact in your patients' smiles

  • Create a simple-esthetic veneer
  • Mask a dark tooth
  • Create functional occlusion
  • Produce a large case of composite resin veneers in one day



Javier BioDr. Quiros is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica School of Dentistry, and holds an advanced education in general dentistry with a Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry, and also concluded a Graduate Prosthodontics Program at the Texas A & M., Baylor College of Dentistry.

He teaches at Odontopolis Dental Training Institute, Costa Rica Dental Association, and also at the Graduate Prosthodontics Department from the University of Costa Rica. He has taught numerous hands-on courses internationally.

Dr. Quiros has a successful private practice in San Jose, Costa Rica, which concentrates in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. Also, Dr. Quiros has taken thousands of continuing education hours in different parts of the world.

ViRTUAL Class Overview/Schedule

Day 1

  1. The anatomy of a smile, from smile design to mock-up
  2. Photography tips and tricks to sell your cosmetic cases
  3. Rubber dam isolation and adhesion
  4. Materials application to create beautiful smiles - from wax-up to bonding, step-by-step recipe to success
  5. The direct-indirect technique to maximize the use and longevity of composite veneers
  6. How to accomplish a thin, natural looking veneer with tints and opaquers
  • Watch and interact with Dr. Quiros building an esthetic veneer live!

Day 2

  1. How to make 8 anterior veneers in one appointment
  2. Create strong and predictable contact points with composite resin
  3. Finish, polish and texture veneers
  4. Functional occlusion in complex cases- how to: open vertical dimension with composite resin, make centric relation records, take face bow and esthetic transfers, canine and anterior guide with composite resin, posterior support with composite resin
  5. How to present large cases
  6. How long will my cases last?
  7. Maintenance and guarantee of composite veneers
  • Watch and ineract with Dr. Quiros building 8 veneers live!
Upcoming Dates  & Times- Live Virtual COurse

Date: July 24-25, 2020
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm CST both days

Course Fee - Early bird Discount

$1,200 - Includes live virtual course only 
$1,500 - Includes live virtual course and materials to practice alongside Dr. Javire Quiros

Schedule - Coming soon

9 CE hours

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401 N. Michigan, Ave., Chicago IL

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